Why do guys lie about me? (Or any girl)

So basically I’m gonna rant here, my boyfriend is out with his friends and he was talking about me and one guy said “oh I had sex with her before, and so did my friend” and he said a bunch of shit about me and like I’m a virgin and take that stuff very seriously and I’m like very mad about this and I don’t even know who that guy is and he’s not the only guy who has said that before but he’s the first guy who’s said it to my boyfriend, does anyone else have similar experiences or can someone please explain why guys would even say that because it’s annoying and I just want to punch that guy in the face then go cry because he’s starting rumours and ruing my rep so yeah idk that was random but I just wanted to talk to someone


Probably to boost his ego. And make your boyfriend jealous.


Because some guys just like doing or saying stuff like that. Idk why I think they just get a kick out of it. Ik this one dude know I’m dating someone and he was saying how I would do all this sexual stuff for money and how he’ll tell my boyfriend :roll_eyes: he never did but I think it’s just some stupid thing to get laughs which is real messed up


That has happened with me too like that I’d do things for money I don’t get why a guy would even bother saying that like they need to mind their own business and stop making stuff up

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It’s stupid tho

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Right :roll_eyes: but I’m so sorry all I’ve really done was talk to my boyfriend before the rumours got too crazy and got to him so he heard it from me first. But we talk about them and we’re coolio. That’s like the only advice I really have tell your friends how annoyed you are and your boyfriend and soon enough people will start learning to just ignore those stupid rumors and not feed into them

Cause they want to look good in front of their boys I guess. Idk why that would be something to brag about but guys find that sooo impressive for some reason

Bc he wants to ruin your relationship. They say that to show their authority over one another, like for instance to show they’re better then the other one.


Yeah I talked to my friends and boyfriend about it and no one believes him anyway

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Yeah it’s stupid, it’s definitely not something to brag about

Why would he want to ruin my relationship tho? He doesn’t even know me or my boyfriend very well

To show hes better then your boyfriend he want your boyfrined to think he has power over your relationship to scare him in a way

He’s probably only doing that because he’s an insecure little sh*t that can’t get a girl :unamused:. He’s only doing that to boost his delicate little ego, don’t let it affect your relationship with your boyfriend. And definitely don’t let it affect your life. You are a strong woman. Guys like him deserve to get buried underground and never come out.


he’s doing it for attention. he probably likes you and wants you to himself. i wouldn’t pay any attention to him because it will only boost his ego. i was 14-15 at the time so of course no one said anything about hooking up but i was dating someone, and few other boys liked me at the time and would spread rumors about me texting them and stuff like that out of jealousy. my ex believed me over them but it still hurt to think that they would do me like that when they supposedly “liked me”. it caused a lot of drama for me because half of them had girlfriends which shows what kind of boys they were but no one else believed me.

It’s what boys do… I have to brothers. It’s fucked up, I know. But some boys don’t understand the consequences of their actions. They will mature…

Until then, make sure your BF knows the truth…

It’s like Peter Steele said: ”Everyone born with a pair of testicles is a liar.”

Maybe some people have four?

Whoa!!! TMI!! But yes, I agree…

What do you mean TMI? I wasn’t necessarily referring to myself. Could be lying, though.

Yeah, shutting up now.

No, that’s not what I meant when you referred to the ummm testicles. It means two much information.

I know that. It was a joke.