Why do my characters randomly pop up in the corner?

Can someone help me please? <3

For some reason when my scene starts, (before the camera pans to zone 3, where my other characters are) Those characters that are in zone 3 like pop up in the corner and I have no clue why. Maybe there’s something wrong with my script? I’m not sure but even when I preview it on my phone from the app, it makes them even bigger like right on the side of the screen, it shows half their body and then before it pans it disappears. I would show a screenshot of what it looks like on my phone but I’m in school right now and my phone won’t connect to the wifi so I’m on my laptop

You can see one of my character’s red shirt just like poking up from the corner behind the three horizontal dots. On the app, it’s even more noticeable making them even bigger standing up right on the side of the screen with half of their body if that makes sense… lmao

usally becasue they were spot in a scene before. just spot them . or @MC stands screen right

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you need to make sure all are in the right spot before the scene starts move all the spot to before fade in . that should work

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It worked! Thanks so much for the help!! :heartbeat:

happy to help

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