Why do my friends always have to abandon me?

Mkay…maybe lets not tell her that. Say something else inspirational?

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Oh right sorry

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Guess I must’ve been thinking about myself sorry

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Donr believe that. U are the best. I may not know u but I believe u are the greatest. Do not give and do not think u are worthless

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You didn’t lose any friends. You know who your real friends are. Remember that you don’t have to keep everyone in your life, and that’s ok. Your so called friend abandoned u for ignoring her doesn’t sound like a legitimate reason. Like you could’ve been busy to talk to her. Maybe it’s not meant to last long with her.


Wow. That’s just cruel.
You don’t have to specially send a message to the person to tell them you’re not their friend.
She’s not worth your time. No need to feel upset or feel guilty about disappointing her for “ignoring” her.
And the “new year resolution” part, I think she is up to something, she’s clearly trying to upset you.

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I’m so sorry that your friend said that! Of course you aren’t worthless, I’m big time guilty of ignoring people but for the most part it’s because of personal reasons. I’m positive you have your reasons for ignoring certain people too, don’t blame yourself for that. No matter the reason you may not be able to/don’t want to answer some people right away, maybe you could tell them? You of course don’t have to open up about your reasons, I’m sure a simple “I can’t really talk as much with you right now, I’m sorry” should be fine. If your friends doesn’t accept this, then he or she maybe isn’t the best of friends to be around with in the first place.

I’m not trying to blame neither you or any of your friends for this, but please do try to surround yourself with people who understand you and care about your wellbeing. I know it’s not the easiest trying to get genuine friends, personally I suck at making friends cuz I’m both very socially awkward but also really shy so I definitely know the feeling of relief when you finally find someone who tries to befriend you. I think what really helps is to learn how to love yourself and learn how to love being alone, I swear I’m not trying to sound super pessimistic (hehe, sorry) but the truth is that in the end you’ll always only have yourself. Try to learn how to be confident in yourself, try to learn how to not feel worried about being alone. It’s so hard to be confident in social situations when you have no friends around (been there done that :sweat_smile:) and personally for a long time I could only be confident with the support of my friends. Eventually you’ll learn how to be confident with yourself too, and that’s what matters.

Always put yourself first dear, you are the most important thing you have. If you are looking for new friends, the only advice I can give to you is to talk with people, lots of people. Don’t be sad if people don’t respond to you. Maybe see it as if they aren’t quite ready for new friendships or are going through something personal too, I’m certain that they aren’t ignoring you to be mean. When you talk to loads of people you’ll eventually find out which ones you have a fun time being around and which ones are genuine, trust me. Again, try to find someone who cares about you and accepts your reasons.

This post is way too messy, I’m sorry for being my usual rambling self. I do hope you (or anyone for that matter) found this at least a bit encouraging. Sending lots of love your way, stay strong and take care of yourself! :revolving_hearts:


Yeah I feel so lucky that my ibf is only an hour ahead of me.:sweat_smile::heartpulse:

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You’re not worthless though honey, you just need to find the right person and they won’t leave. Like some others said, just try to talk to them every chance you get to show them that you care about them or they’ll think you don’t anymore.

You’ll find people similar to your timezone slightly easier to be friends with because that means you can talk a lot more but you’ll find a million other friends on the internet, especially in this community!!

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You’re not worthless.

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Thanks for the tag, I’m honored to be your friend :smile:

OK my advice=

It sounds like she has problems of her own (maybe she’s been ignored many times and is scared what the future holds?)

Also, you shouldn’t feel worthless. If someone doesn’t want to be your friend, there are other more understanding people you’ll come across. And, it’s fine to not feel in the mood to speak with people you love. If she truly cares about you, she’d understand that.

Breaking friendship with someone because you don’t want to talk to them is just ridiculous and shows signs that the person may be highly sensitive and perhaps, offended very easily.

I’ve also had this happen to me, and the best advice I can say is, move on. If someone abandons you, just move on, you need to keep going forward, don’t think of yourself as worthless just because you had some negative experiences.


Guys, I made another thread about a problem I’m dealing with because of this so called “friend”. Check it out if you can!

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Hi Alisha_Episode,
I understand what you mean completely! I’ve been in this situation before (although it really wasn’t through text, in real life) and I know that it feels like you’re worthless, and it hurts a lot. And obviously, the way the person handled this was horrible.
Sometimes we can’t be in control of the situation, and we can’t be in control of another person, as their decision is their decision. But we’re able to control is our decisions. I’m glad you decided to share with us all and I hope that you feel better now.
Perhaps your (old) friends have their own reasons, and perhaps they actually believe that their friendship with you doesn’t work. That is completely their own decision and perhaps the reason behind it is not wrong, but that’s on their part. That has nothing to do with you. Their handling of it was unnecessary and could be much better written, or at least, said.
We can look at so many different perspectives, and there are so many different sides to this. So we can’t say this situation has a real one-off villain, except in the fault of the way it was spoken.
Just understand that this isn’t your fault, and friends abandoning you, although you think has to do with you, has to do with them. Everyone has their own reasoning and sometimes they’re not correct, but at the end of the day, know that you’re that not worthless.
We’re all here for you! And in the end, toxic relationships are always the best to let go off, and in the ned, it’s your own health and your happiness that should be put first. I hope you’re able to form new friendships and put yourself and your own likes first and foremost and don’t end up in these situations again.
Again, your happiness and health comes first (Like Puma said) :kissing_heart:



Probably not helping, but if anyone ever tell you their new year resolution is to “remove worthless friends”(as in not being friends with you anymore), tell them “I have the same new year resolution!”


We really were friends, but remember that you didn’t just ignore me once or twice, you kept on doing it. And I didn’t wanna confront you about this, cuz I thought something would happen, like many other times. So I told my friend. He told me that I’m too kind if I just let you keep on ignoring me all the time, and said that I shouldn’t be friends with people like that. He said that I should make this new years resolution to stop being friend s with people who ignore me several times and absolutely don’t care about it. You never apologized after ignoring me sooo many times. And I really don’t appreciate you taking screenshots of the chat and posting them public, how can I know if I can trust you? And when I confronted you about this, you said that it’s because we live in different time zones, but that was a lie. I know because you read my messages and it shows me that you read it and don’t answer, you always still were online,but never answered me.

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What she did ISN’T OKAY, but it doesn’t give you the right to post this. Please delete it.

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Can you please delete it for the privacy of this person. Please.

It’s still not okay.


Sometimes all it is, is that you grow apart. I have had this happen to me and I know for a fact that she wasn’t ignoring you.

If you just talk to her then it might just work out. I know what it feels like to have my privacy published on a social media account and it’s not nice @episodewriter31 is trying to talk to you and I really want to help bring your friendship together again.

Please just talk to her, maybe it’ll work out xx


Thank you!! @Allie_Diamond_Epy and that’s definitely enough drama for today…

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