Why do my story views display a larger number than what they actually are?

My profile says I have 1.2k views but i actually have 1015 views. why is it saying 1.2k then?

Hey! Yeah this is a slightly weird but usual way to display the reads. It says 1.2k reads is because they seem to perceive the 15 in your 1015 as 150. When you reach 1030, it will say 1.3k, and 1040 as 1.4k and so on. It will become normal again when you 1100, and it will display as 1.1k. :slight_smile: Hope this doesn’t sound too confusing. hehe.


I was so confused after hitting 1010 reads, it took me a while to figure out what was happening until it hit 1100 and reset :joy:

LOL ikr! I always hope that the inaccurate period will quickly be over. :laughing:

oh ok makes sense thanks :slight_smile:

I hate that so much :joy: I just want my reads to look accurate, is that too much to ask? :sob: The same applies to your followers on the Episode app.


LOL! I know right! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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