Why do people do this?

Hi, so I was looking through some post on the forums because I was bored, and I saw something that I didn’t like. There’s a lot of post that have been made hours ago, or even days. However, no one has replyed to the post! There are real people out there who need help with things like coding, making overlays, making backgrounds, and art scenes! I don’t like how people see someone who needs help and just leaves them.

Now, I understand if you can’t help them! Like if you’re not an expert with coding, or you’re not really good with art scenes. But if you are, why aren’t you helping that person?

Some Tips I thought of to get your post seen:

1. Bump it!

In the pick a thread section, there are many threads. If someone replys, edits, or creates a post the post below that will go down one spot. People are always replying to threads. If there’s no activity happening in your thread, it will continue to sink down to the bottem. At one point, it might even get closed by a Mod for inactivty. You can reply to your own thread to make it go up to the very top. You can say something very simple like, “Bump” or “Replying so this goes up!” It doesn’t matter! As long as something happens in your thread it will go to the top! Keep doing this from time to time because overtime, it will go down again!

2. Add Tags!

This is optional: If you know someone who can help you with your problem you can tag their username in the post. They will get a notifiction in their inbox! Like this @Username


thanks for making this :clap:t3::clap:t3:


I always scroll on the latest thing here, and I always click on the one with 0 replies, if I know how to help I always do! We need to help each other:))


I agree. However, sometimes you bump it and still nothing happens.
Some people don’t like random tags as well.
But I agree don’t leave a post hanging.


@queenscribbles @maddie.nicole @elena.epi @pilot @Youngbl00d
Idc if you didnt want to be tagged this is faxx


YAS! bump and support :sparkles:


This post!!! Yes, I agree too


Definitely:) we should always help each other when we can



I get what you’re saying but maybe they don’t know how to help?

Like I can only help with something like backgrounds and overlays and even there not at every instance. And if some tapped on a topic they probably wanted to see if they could help but after reading the whole post realised they couldn’t


I understand that! I do that too! I’m just saying that if you know how to help, you should do it!

But if they do know then people do help. Like why are you assuming that everyone who sees a post and doesn’t reply is purposely ignoring it?


I also made this to show people about the bumping thing. If there’s no activity in your thread, it will go down and sink to the bottom where it can’t be seen easily!

That way more people will see it! And it’s likely that someone who can help with it will click on it and read it!

I understand but not everyone knows how to help and not everyone is obligated to go search for a background.

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I know!

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Aside from maybe not being able to help, sometimes it’s just clear people haven’t searched for a similar topic in the forums. Many of the questions people ask have been asked and resolved before. I always recommend searching for questions that are already there first. It’s honestly faster anyway.

The other thing is sometimes people ask for so many things at once - they want someone to make a cover, backgrounds, overlays, splashes, and to do much of the coding. And like - this is a lot to ask for in a story where only one person will be publishing it. I do check the Creator’s Corner section because I can help sometimes with backgrounds and overlays, but it also depends on how much time people are willing to give to the person who’s helping them for free. Most people are good about this, but sometimes people want a background done in an hour and that’s difficult when we all have so much other stuff to do.

Other times, the requests are too vague. People can’t help if they don’t know exactly what you want.

In general I think the people here are very helpful because all of us started somewhere. And I don’t think anyone is sitting around saying “I have the time and energy and skills to help this person but it’s more fun for me if I don’t.”


I can agree! You’re right!