Why do people hate pregnancy stories!?

Can someone tell me why pregnancy stories are hated so much and why ppl don’t really like them??,i personally enjoy them and i’m thinking about writing a story that involves pregnancy but seeing how people are expressing themselves saying they don’t really like them is giving me a second thought :sweat: :confounded:


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i personally dont like them i mean im okay with the fact that at the end of the story character gets pregnant bc thats how family thing works
but i dont like when the character is pregnant at the beginning
its too fast and i dont like kids that much so…


ohhh ok :innocent:

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Honestly I don’t hate them. I love how at the end, we get to see a glimpse of the main character having a family which is cute. There are even some stories that are based off the children. Some are directed smoothly and some are crappy but I love them. I think people hate the cliché behind it. Like some people prefer to have someone they love without having children right away. idk


I don’t like pregnancy stories because of the way it works. First off, there are stories where the MC gets pregnant by the bad boy, gang leader, or even teacher :nauseated_face:—the one thing these people have in common is that the pregnancy happens with 1 day of a 1 night stand, which is unrealistic. Also, teen pregnancies. Teen pregnancies are usually about 40 episodes of nothing interesting or something problematic happening, and I don’t like it. But that’s my opinion. 🤷🏽


Oh yeah i don’t like those i prefer the Mc to be an adult not a teenager


Personally I haven’t read a lot of pregnancy stories, but most of the hate I think, usually has more to do with the trope and problematic stuff that the stories come along with rather than the actual pregnancy.


You’re right

I personally don’t aspire to have kids so it’s not something I enjoy reading or fantasizing about. I’ll be loving a story for 30+ chapters and then boom out of nowhere the MC is pregnant and then the story revolves around that. My soul actually shatters if that happens lol.


I haven’t really come across those stories (could somebody maybe let me know some that would be appreciated) but I have read ones were at the end they are pregnant which I’m fine with and I have read some where they had kids not pregnant but I thought those were fine but I’m also not one who would want kids so I don’t know if I would like it

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Ive actually never read a story thats fully dedicated to pregnancy, only ones at the end where MC gets pregnant with the LI. But from those experiences I’m meh with them, I don’t really find those scenes interesting as it’s always the same, one night stand and shocked reactions from the pregnancy- but overall they’re okay and as I said I’ve never read one where a whole story is dedicated to it, maybe those are better


I haven’t read that many pregnancy stories, but a lot of the time I feel as though they don’t put out what truly happens during a pregnancy. Most authors like to glorify pregnancy and what happens is usually never the case irl. I have read one amazing pregnancy story called Barely Mine and it’s the only story that I think is really well thought out and sort of like reality.


I read Barely Mine a few months ago and that story is a full on rollercoaster :joy: :sob:


I hate when a story has 40 chaps n then the author just adds a pregnancy to keep ppl reading, keep it trending and make it longer. Then a story that completely revolves around pregnancy always follows the same plot. And ppl just don’t like them, they’re so overdone.


Like all problematic or questionable stories, pregnancy stories (those whose main focus is the MC or someone close to them going through a pregnancy) aren’t bad per se. The problem is always how they’re executed.

Most of them treat pregnancy as some sort of drama source for the plot. The MC (always a female) gets pregnant by some dude of questionable intentions. And that’s just it. MC apparently doesn’t know how to take a pregnancy test (if it ever crosses her mind to take one) because it’s always a few days after the intercorse to those who have experience with pregnancy tests, you know what I’m talking about or way too late when she already has a bump :roll_eyes:

I mean I know that sometimes it’s possible to not realize you’re pregnant, but it’s still rare instances.

Anyways, MC is pregnant, she sometimes goes to the hospital to run some tests (most times of which being because something is wrong with her pregnancy) but that’s it. She eats and drinks almost whatever she wants, and she just feels fat.

All this to say, that most of pregnancies on Episode aren’t planned (which, fine, I know it happens) but they’re not even portrayed realistically. A girl or woman goes through significant transformations during pregnancy which are never talked about here. What passes through Episode stories is the quirky side of expecting a baby (food craves, feeling heavy and fat, nausea, the baby kicks) when in reality it’s so much more.

It doesn’t help that at some point on in these stories the baby itself becomes an afterthought and it’s just about the bump :woman_shrugging:t3:

Anyways, personally I don’t like pregnancy stories that are just there to create drama and comedy. I’m at one point in my life where for me, pregnancy mostly means letting a new human come to life. And after that, there’s a lifetime to make sure that that human grows healthily into a happy and responsible adult.


This is so important. In most stories right after giving birth, she’s standing up and is back to her athletic body right away. It’s very uncommon for someone to not change a lot during pregnancy so if 2 weeks later the Li is saying ‘she’s even smaller than she was before’ that’s problematic. And unless she has a personal trainer, it’s gonna take sum time for her to heal from her pregnancy. I don’t see an issue w u making a story like this, just look into it. Make sure to research and I honestly prefer the Li not being a jerk who doesn’t want to help mc at all/gets mad at her.


Oh YEAH lol. As if. I don’t want to offend anyone and I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world, but if you look at Italian moms, most of them never get their bodies back because they don’t have the time to exercise and get back in shape.

Once the baby is born, their stomach skin is very loose, all the fat they stored in their body during pregnancy to guarantee sufficient amounts of nutrients for the baby is still there. Plus, now they have a tiny defenseless creature that completely depends on them to care for, night and day. And after some initial homestay period, they get back to work because there’s a new person in the household to support. And this is 10x worse if they’re single mothers.

Not to mention, right after giving birth, women are very loose… down there. They have issues going to the toilet, sitting normally, and most importantly can’t have intercourse for a while :woman_shrugging:t3:


Iḿ not really a fan of that either