Why do people have a problem with this// ¿Por qué la gente tiene problemas con esto?

Okay so before I go on,
THIS IS NOT TO BASH PEOPLE! I’m just genuinely baffled I guess is the word, I’m just in awe of the number differences

I will also repeat this in Spanish for the people who speak more Spanish than English

Okay so hear me out,

Why is is that when a thread is made, if the thread is for making overlays, or creating templates, splashes or backgrounds, people are more likely to join the one that says “no credit needed”

Like I just don’t get it. And most people do have a tendency to steal work and not give credit even if the creator said to.

I guess my question is why is giving credit such and issue? Why does it have to become a problem? If you did not make something, common sense should be telling you to give credit. Also, why is it that more people join the threads that say “no credit needed” than the one that does require credit? Cause it’s not that hard to type someone’s name into your story,


yo solo hablo un poco de español Ok, antes de continuar ¡ESTO NO ES PARA GOLPEAR GENTE! Estoy realmente desconcertado, supongo que esa es la palabra, estoy asombrado por las diferencias numéricas También repetiré esto en español para las personas que hablan más español que inglés. Ok escúchame La razón es que al crear un hilo, si el hilo es para hacer superposiciones o crear plantillas, salpicaduras o fondos, es más probable que las personas se unan al que dice “no se necesita crédito”. Como si no entendiera. Y la mayoría de la gente tiende a robar el trabajo y no dar crédito, incluso si el creador lo dice. Supongo que mi pregunta es ¿por qué es un problema dar crédito? ¿Por qué tiene que convertirse en un problema? Si no hizo algo, el sentido común debería decirle que dé crédito. Además, ¿por qué se unen más personas a los hilos que dicen “no se necesita crédito” de las que sí lo necesitan? Porque no es tan difícil escribir el nombre de alguien en tu historia, Además, si responde en español, también responderé en español.


I’ve honestly never noticed that before but that’s super weird. Crediting in a readerMessage or at the end of a chapter takes like 2 seconds.

The only thing I can understand is when creators say that you MUST be following them on instagram to use their backgrounds. Like… I don’t have instagram lol.


Hm, I’ve never actually noticed that before…But I understand your POV, and it’s really rude not to give credit to a creator.

Maybe others are attracted to threads regarding no credit, because it’s convenient to not have to put in that extra work, even simply saying “Credits to @_ for __” in a reader message or at the beginning/end of your story? This doesn’t justify it though.


I think people might not want to have to remember where they got the backgrounds to give credits? I always organize the ones I download in different folders with the @ of the creators so I don’t get it mixed because I might use them months after I downloaded, but I guess some people might not want to go through the trouble, which I don’t get.

As someone who makes backgrounds/overlays I can tell you that it takes SO much time and energy. If it’s free, the least someone can do is give you credit which takes like 5 seconds to put into your script.

I think it’s because some people have a whole list of rules and terms to follow, and some of them are harder to abide by than others… such as if episode buys your story/features it, then you aren’t allowed to use them anymore… you must follow them on instagram, which is hard if you don’t have instagram… and sometimes you also have to request acces to google drives or even pay/donate to ko-fi. :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

Yea, I don’t understand the part about you actually having to follow them on Instagram, I feel that’s a bit extra.

But adding some kind of message is not that hard, it won’t kill you to credit someone. It does not make the story not belong to you. It’s just drawing attention to someone else who deserved it literally for one second

Idk, I still think that everyone should get a chance fairly bc if the creator wants credit, then the creator should get credit. Cause now a days it’s turning into big drama, which it should bc if you steal work, then the creator has the right to say something about it.

But then again, I understand some people may forget to give credit that’s why they go for the ones that don’t require it

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I get it.

Personally, I have a few backgrounds from drives that I have gotten permission to use, but with required credit. There was this specific background that I wanted to use but never wrote down the creators username. So what I did is not use it at all and delete it. And if I do end up needing it, I’ll do my best to search it up again and remember to write down the creators name. I don’t think it’s that hard to give credit, but the creators deserve it for their effort on free background/overlays/etc. .

This is true. Sometimes people don’t want to go through that.

I use the same person for all the backgrounds I use so it’s easy for me to use. But some people use different people so they may have trouble.

If I use a different person for edits/art scenes/overlays I name it after the creator so I don’t forget

Defintly, making custom overlays are so much work! Sometimes I make them and sometimes I ask someone else to do it bc it’s kind of hard for me! So if you can’t do it, give credit!

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Yea, there are some people who will use it regardless if they forget or not which I don’t think is a good idea because they can get sued bc it’s not thier work and the creator has all rights to it.

I think it’s a good idea that you deleted it since you really did not need it that much

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Well I needed it, but that’s not what’s important :joy: But completely agree (:

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That is really sad that more people are likely to use templates, overlays, splashes, backgrounds, etc. if there is no credit needed than the ones that require you to credit them.

They don’t understand how long the time-span was for that person to create it, and to put it together. I consider it kind of rude to not credit them, because then people are going to assume that the author made everything themselves but instead they could possibly steal and claim it themselves. (Also, they could add on and say it was from a copyright free website. -_-)

It’s not that time-consuming and hard to write someone’s name/reader messages to credit, but some people are going to complain and say “it takes up too much lines” or “i’m too lazy”.

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To be honest aside from very simple things like linking items from Pixabay, if someone creates something for you credit should be given. They invested their time and worked hard and are doing it for free. Giving credit is so easy. If someone comes across it in a story and likes the design, etc. they can message that person and ask for something. Credit should always be given. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if you created something and someone used it but didn’t link it back to you. In a way, it’s stealing and unfair to the creator.


Omg yesss credit is important mainly because of this reason!!! Because imagine someone wants a design that was not created by you and they think it was you, now they are asking you to make something similar for them and you take credit and make it and it looks horrible no offence see now your caught up.

Also it’s a lot of drama with all of the people who don’t give credit.

I personally am not comfortable with not giving credit, and this is because of the issue with all the drama.

And they can be sued because the creator owns all copy rights to thier work. And if they take action I don’t blame them. And I know some people say “it’s just a episode design” well it does not matter bc they still spent time doing that.

This is such a huge thing!! This is why I started commissioning some of my things. Because if I do it for free and all i ask is for credit and you refuse then it becomes a problem, espesically if I’m coding a scene for you, or making you an animated intro. I refuse to do those two things for free and not get any recognition. The only think I do for free now, are splashes and character cards. Which I still do require credit but it does not take much of my time like coding does.

Omg this is such a huge thing for me. Because you spent all that time writing a 1,000+ line episode and you can’t add one more line for credit?!? PLEASEEE, I don’t have time for those kind of excuses. Because say I was working on a splash, I could have been doing literally anything else, I could have been working on school work, I could have been working on my own story but instead I decide to help you with your story, the least you can do is give me credit

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