Why do people like “bad boys”

Honestly what’s attractive about the guy who doesn’t do his homework and is flirting w/ everyone!


I don’t even know fam. :no_mouth: Its crazy


Attention, this is my opinion!

Sometimes people like reading about those types of guys because it’s an escape from reality :thinking:

With that being said, I’m more of a comedy/action lover and guys who are funny are the best <3


Some girls like the idea of what they can’t have or something that they wouldn’t for in real life.

Doing something against the law sounds thrilling right? But would you actually do something criminal? No.


The bad boy appeal often stems from the desire to either reform/tame the bad boy or to be the only one he has a “soft spot” for. It is a wish fulfillment fantasy that is unrealistic and is found in people without much relationship experience (I know, I’ve been there). Young, impressionable people often romanticize the idea of love healing/saving people and “fixing” people who are “broken,” when the reality is that people in relationships with those who have a “darker” past can find that this often makes for roadblocks in a relationship. I believe that love can heal (whether it be familial, friendship, or romantic love), but not as it is portrayed in bad boy stories where it serves as a “cure” rather than a slow, steady process.

As an adult, I think it is okay to enjoy the bad boy trope if the said character is not abusive. However, a lot of bad boys on the app are abusive and straight-up assholes, and lots of impressionable readers will grow up thinking that those are desirable traits to have in a partner, which is unfortunate.


Because I can chaaaaaange them!


It’s because I’m not like other girls… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue::heart_eyes::persevere::money_mouth_face::cowboy_hat_face:


I don’t see anything attractive about them at all, guess I’m not turned on by characters that smoke every five seconds and have no interest in getting an education…oh well


They usually have more appeal than the “golden guy”
By tht i mean
Golden guy is empty words
“Babe… ur beautiful”
“Babe i love you”
“Howd i get so lucky”

Where as the bad boy actually has a past outside of designated boyfriend and im talking real bad boys/rebels not the other kinds
While he may be a jerk his actions show he doesnt mean half of wat is said

Golden boy- cliche/bland/empty words
Bad boy-rude/gaurded/weighted words(actions tht contradict his words)


As they say the " Forbidden Fruit Always Taste The Sweetest" Want something you cant have…want to experience something you’ve never experienced


If you’re the good girl you’ll want the bad guy to experience something new but if you’re the bad girl you don’t want the bad guy because you already know


so why do good girls like bad guys
I’ve had this question for a real long time
I’ve been a bAd boY and it’s plain to see
So why do good girls fall in love with me?

I’m sorry I had to :joy:


I just don’t get how people can look past the rudeness!


Ikr I guess they think they can change him


In the words of Mary J Blige

Bad boys are no good
Good guys are no fun

It’s mostly an issue of the bad boy bringing some excitement into their lives for good or ill. That and most of the girls that use this site are at that rebellious age where that belief is at its’ strongest.


Maybe not change them but maybe challenging yourself to be that 1 person he can trust that one person he can open up to…That must be an accomplishment…Not being able to change him but letting him bring down his guard so he can open up and tell me his “story”


Pardon me? Why would people not like them? I feel attacked on a personal level. All your posts should be flagged! There is nothing wrong with hOttt bad boys. You guys are just mean!

Just in case, this was 100% sarcasm.


Definition of bad boy. Lol

We can’t be together cause I’m bad for you. Which is guilt/emotional manipulation in itself I guess.


I think it all comes from shows like Buffy where bad boys are done well and are intriguing… and then because of bad writing, it devolved into a womanising moron who emotionally abuses the MC. But no one seems to mind


I don’t tend to like bad boy stories because the majority of them are unoriginal or whatever, but in real life almost all of my crushes have been bad boys. In my defense, they weren’t like the episode bad boys who are in gangs and shi like that.