Why do people unfallow others on the app ather they got fallowed back?

OK so I at the app fallow all who do follow me - since I know it actually has no function I myself am not looking up for people to follow on the app… and I noticed that the number of the ones I follow is always bigger and bigger than the followers = some people who fallowed me did unfollow me after I did fallow them.

honestly, I don’t mind, because as mentioned above the followers on the app have absolutely no meaning and no function - but especially therefore I wonder why do people do this?

I mean what goes in the mind of a person who tricks others (dunno how else to name it) to get more followers this way?
Why they have a problem keeping you fallowing?

I am just asking for the psychological background of this behavior because honestly, I don’t get what is going on minds of such people - I mean do they do it because they feel great because they tricked someone?

Because it if would be just about that they want lot fallowers there is no need to unfollow people.

I would like to hear your opinion on this. :smiley:


I face this too. Imo they just want to gain more followers. Like having more followers than following? :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

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Self-satisfication of looking more important.

Image is everything for some people.

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Hmmm… well if I would delete all I fallow I will not get anything from it but I get some people to have so small lives that such thing gives them something. :thinking:

No honestly I still don’t get it - I am probably too old and adult to be able to imagine such a mindset.

But the existence of this phenomenon is simply proving that it means a lot to a not so small bunch of people. :sweat_smile:

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so it looks like u have more followers :sparkles: :sob:

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in a way it is interesting.

I mean if you look like you have more followers than people you fallow you are supposed to be more important because it creates the illusion that the followers followed you by themself because you are sooo interesting… yeah I get some might see it like this - may be the kids on the app think this way. :woman_shrugging:

It must be for them then very frustrating if someone unfollows them. :sweat_smile:

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yeah, but who would think you are “better” just because you have lot of followers and fallow only a few? :rofl:

Even it’s true I noticed that especially the big authors who have really a lot of followers do fallow only a few - but its more on insta where it is understandable because you see the content of all you fallow so fallow thousands of your readers would end up in missing a lot of content of the people you are really interested in following.

But on the app which the fallowers have no function at all (sadly) so here it must be simply about collecting them like somebody does collect cards. :smiley:

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No. They will keep finding people that will continue to follow them.

If you have a decent following, you are not going to keep track of your followers.

I have people that follow me, unfollow me, and then follow me. They want to make sure I am notified of their follow. That is a true sign that they are playing games.

Especially if they have a significant amount of followers already.

I just ignore it.

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followers have no value yet still people make it they PRIORITY to be ‘famous’ pls like no one gives a shzit goddamn :clown_face:

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lol even on pinterest? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I actually never checked my fallowers there - I just use it to keep track on things that interest me.


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Honestly I dont have the patience to open very profile of the one fallowing me -and as you say I am not able to keep track of who is fallowing or not - tbh if they would fallow unfalow and fallow me again I will probably even not noticed its the same person for second time.

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I don’t have that many so I see more of the games that are played.

It doesn’t matter to your point.

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No I said it in the main topic that it doesnt matter but I am in general interested in psychology so I wanted to know more what is behind this behavior.

Ist as said above most likely the satisfaction of the ilusional feeling of selfimportance.

To certain people: More followers, less following = Popular/famous/idk.

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I am actually agreeing. Overall the point is gaining all these followers on the Episode app is meaningless for some and are an important factor for others.

Other people use it for self-gratification to say that they have so many followers.

I am always curious as to how they find me. How long it took for them to find someone who I am connected to?

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Hm…honestly I have no idea - maybe they click simply on every comunity story they see in the app and give the fallow?

Oh - I actually checked out of curiosity and if you go to authors profile you can see who is fallowing them so you can just check everybody who is on their list and start to fallow


That’s a lot of work to get attention and hoping to get noticed.

Maybe they hope the person will look at their profile or story :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Hmm- that actually can be a motivation too - good point!
Sometimes people do even weirder things to promote their stories.

It happened to me on isnta where in DM I usually eather help people with coding or talk to fans that I got fallower and as I fallowed back (yeah I do it on insta too) I got DM in meaning “Hi love if you are interested read my story”…
I am interested if somebody would even try to open the story if it is so “pushed” in your face

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