Why do people want toxic li?

Please don’t kill me but I just want to ask WHY do some people crave for a toxic love interest??? It’s like people are coming after the author that makes the female mc stronger than the male mc?? I mean they are both equal in terms of strength but there are times where the female saves the male and people just don’t like it??? Whaaaaaat? I saw tons of this kinds of hate especially in youtube comments on episode stories. :upside_down_face:


Because toxic LIs are usually “bad,” and bad is cool, apparently… (I want to use the eyeroll emoji so bad but I’m going to be nice to those people who like toxic LIs and not use it.)


Like @/juliewrites said above. Toxic Li are bad and cool y’all :smiling_imp: Like why have a good relationship - (sarcasm) idk it’s everyone’s preference, but it’s your story is it not?



I’m not exactly sure, but I know I used to be attracted to the toxicity when I was younger. For example, certain qualities like someone being overly jealous that they didn’t want me being around certain people made me feel loved? Or them being controlling over what I do and what I wear made me think for some reason that that person just cared that much about me. I have no idea why I felt that way tbh, but I do know that I definitely had a misunderstood idea of what love was and what love looked like. And I think media did have a major part in perpetuating it.


I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m guessing it could be because they’ve become popular and they’re what sells/what the standard has become.
A bit like how bad boy tropes and mean girl tropes are so widely used and often quite the same or similar in each story that uses them.
Good LIs are often labeled as good boys, boring, less attractive, less ‘manly’ and less sexually appealing.

Toxic behavior can also be considered attractive especially to someone who may not be triggered or impacted negatively by such behavior in reality (for example those who might not have experienced sexual abuse or other toxic behaviors v those who have) and those who don’t posses such experiences may not have the same understanding and can’t see it through the same lenses.
A lot of younger people are also more prone to being influenced by media, and since such toxic behavior is so normalized, that’s what they get used to and that’s what they want. A bit like how we see thin, tall women in magazines, on television, on social media and compare ourselves for the worse, and quite often believe we don’t reach that beauty standard — a standard that’s been widely used, shown, desired.

A toxic LI taking what he wants is so often portrayed as sexy, manly, ‘bad’, hot, desirable, dominant and I think a lot of that sticks into a lot of readers minds and can become their preference so anything other than that is considered not as attractive and not what they want to read (obv this does not apply to every single reader).

From my own personal experience, my perceptions have changed as I’ve grown older, as well as being surrounded by those who educate others on the matters, and also due to experiences with such behaviors.


I agree with this. There’s even a song that talks about it.

I think the way toxic LIs began was that authors missed the fine line between banter and toxicity. Bad boys are known for their cold-ish nature and stuff, but one of the most prominent features is teasing, pet names, the like. Just like any trope if it’s overused, some authors tried to exaggerate banter which then overlapped into toxicity, shaming, being controlling, etc. But as people found bad boy-banter hot, people will most likely find this hot as there is still somewhat of a misconception that it’s teasing, or playful banter when it’s just being toxic.

I don’t know if I made sense :sweat_smile:


I love toxics MCs and LIs, sometimes messed-up characters are fun to read. But it’s the author’s job to not glorify that, there’s nothing wrong with liking awful people in fiction as long as you don’t think those traits are cool and acceptable in real life :upside_down_face:


I think cuz it’s new but like they do get on my nerves and I want to literally kill them and the mc is just brain dead

I for sometimes don’t get it why people gets hyped when the Li pins the mc to the wall suddenly and making her uncomfortable then they call it “sExuaL tEnsioN”

Init it’s too umm… weird

Personally, I think it’s because a lot of people like seeing toxicity/dangerous stuff in fiction, because in real life, they’re probably the opposite of it. That’s also kind of why “good boy/girl” LI’s are often not as popular as the “bad boy/girl” counterpart, since we’re already used to seeing these good boys/girls IRL.

Also they are shmucks , my mums chapal (shoe) would knock the fickness out of them