Why do so many of you guys make your love interests have black hair?


Like I’ve noticed how the authors in this community have an extremely strong preference for guys with black hair. Almost every story I read the love interest has black hair. What about other types of guys???


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true, but the majority, a not so surprising 86% of the world, has black hair. i guess that’s why it comes to mind so fast when people customize their characters?


Yeah, lol but they also look cuter with black hair lol


Maybe that’s their preference. I naturally have black hair so I tend to prefer love interests that also have black hair. I guess I just want to have similarities with them. :woman_shrugging:


actually “black” hair is rare… its just really dark brown hair


Haha my epy bae has fawn coloured hair :woman_shrugging:
But I myself have black hair so I guess I like them to be different? lol


I do black, blonde, (when there’s 2 love interests) and auburn (whe there’s 3)


so do I lol but almost all of the love interests I read the “hot ones” have black cropped hair or pompadour and it’s getting kind of annoying because other guys are attractive as well! Why is only one type of guy being put on a pedestal? lol


Maybe because many other platforms, TV shows, and movies mostly portray blondes as the most attractive, so people use episode to display how people with black hair are attractive too. Or simply because they want too, I don’t see how something as simple as hair color can be annoying.


really? I think the opposite because of the “tall dark handsome stereotype” I guess people have their preferences but to see the same preferences over and over again in each story is kind of annoying


I always do platinum blond for some reason…I try to change that though! :grin:


The “tall, dark, and handsome” description is mostly used by adults and older people. But for teenage audiences almost everything has the “hot, blonde” jock and cheerleaders. And most of the stories I have read, the characters fit that particular description. Yet again, I don’t see features as a problem for charcters. It should be their personalities and dynamics that make them important. But hey that’s me :woman_shrugging:t5:


My love interest has light brown hair. (His name is Derek, and he has fawn hair. The style is Ink)


Eh. Ik. I’m blonde and everyone stereotypes me. Like my friend has dark hair and she’s beautiful!


It was just my preference. My male characters in my story primarily all have jet black hair. It’s nothing perosnal. It’s just my preference, what I preferred for them to have as the hair color.


I don’t know… the love interest in my story has generic short light brown hair, but the guy in my next story will have black hair. No reason for it; it’s just that when creating my characters, I picture them a certain way, then I try to make them look as close as possible to the image I have in mind.


lol i give my :heart: interest black hair and green eyes because mostly i find guys with black hair attractive :smiley:


I love purple or green hair…


I actually have black…
And I usually give my love interest black hair because I think that it makes a character look mysterious and intriguing
But that’s my point of view…