Why do so many of you guys make your love interests have black hair?


Ink - all my love interests have black or platinum blonde hair, only because I really dislike Episode colors for brown, blond etc.
Limelight - it’s 50/50 since limelight has nicer and more realistic browns and blonds :smiley:


Isn’t black hair just an extremely deep brown? Black hair is the most common hair color globally and on top of being a dominant genetic trait, it’s found in people of many different backgrounds and ethnicities. And their hair color is called just that: black hair. So them being the grand majority, it makes sense that writers tend to feature love interests with black hair in their stories more often, right?

Now the question is, why are seemingly most of us more attracted to people/characters with black hair? Is there some kind of biological explanation to this? You’d think that most people would be attracted to rare features as long as they don’t have anything to do with health, right?

In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think I’m looking too deep into this :sweat_smile:


I give mine black hair because I find it attractive not because of the tall dark handsome thing it’s because Gerard Way in revenge era (I do have a point with this) had long black hair so I usually make my love interests look like that. Its all about preference I do like blonde hair or light brown but I LOVE black hair so much.


Why does it matter what we find attractive, exactly?


Because this thread is about people choosing black hair for their male love interest and the original poster is asking why so many people have “an extremely strong preference for guys with black hair”. I hope I’ve answered your question…(?)


At first when reading a story I always made the same damn character! Even all the love interest were EXACTLY the same :roll_eyes: But now I want more diversity! :slight_smile: I think black just matches good with a tanned/darker tone (And with all the other skin tones) It just matches with everything :slight_smile:


Charcoal Team, no? K.


I give my MC charcoal hair


i usually just go with the default crush look (but change the eyes, i swear to god, if i see one more bad boy with the sarcastic eyes,).
but, i mean, i like blonde boys, so. i dunno why. and gingers. i love red hair, and freckles, oh boy.


I honestly don’t know, but it depends on the author, am I right? I prefer those with dark hair, others prefer those with blond. It’s all based on opinion from my perspective!


Also, I don’t think that most of the Episode Community creating love interest with black hair is a bad thing. It shouldn’t upset people, but if it does, it’s also them expressing their opinion.


I always just try to make my s/o (or genderbent s/o, in those stories where I have no choice) personally.
But I believe it’s just a preference.


Oh god this is two months old. Yikes, I’m sorry.