Why do so many titles give away the ending of the story?


Can we just address this for a moment? Titles don’t hold anything back anymore. I just look at a title and I know exactly how it goes, regardless of the description.

Like, look at this.

Story Description: Lila is just trying to get through high school, and hopefully find a boyfriend too. When two hot guys, Brody and Dan, enter the picture, who will she pick?

Title: Falling for Brody

Or even,

Story Description: Rae’s life has been plagued by tragedy all her life. When new information comes to light about her family’s murder, will she find the killer?

Title: The Bad Boy Killed My Family

Alright, maybe that last one was a bit unrealistic, but you get what I mean.


I can assure you that mine doesn’t.


If a story’s title gives away the whole plot and ending and that story doesn’t have anything else worth showing, it’s just a badly written story. But give a stupid title to a great writer, and they’ll make a great story out of it with a lot of events along the way that you didn’t expect. Including an ending that you didn’t expect! The problem really lies in the poorly written stories and maybe even the story descriptions, right? I definitely see what you’re referring to though and I can’t help but join you in the frustration :’)


Mine doesn’t. It’s just one word, “Mother” and you can’t just BAM know what it’s about, can you? Yeah. that’s what I thought. And I haven’t came across ANY stories with a title, giving away the ending. Please give us some REAL stories like this.


Maybe yours doesn’t, which is great, but there really are a lot of stories that give out the whole plot (especially the ending) in the title and description. A lot of them are in the trending section if you want examples :slight_smile: Naming them here probably wouldn’t be a good idea though.


Oh my god yes haha, I hate that so much…
Also, that first (fake) story description literally described my ideal worst story ever, I can’t stand that kind of story when there’s two love interests and you’re forced to go with ‘the bad boy’ and the MC thinks they can ‘change’ him ahah…


I would be interested in actual examples for this if you don’t mind sharing :slightly_smiling_face:
The only thing I know from most of the story titles is that I will probably get pregnant :smiley:
I think descriptions usually spoil much more than the title and they are also dumber, like:
“Will you fall in love with…?” - Hm… No? :thinking:
“Will you be able to resist…?” - Man, I’m so excited to find out!
“Will you survive high school?” - No, I’m pretty sure you will die :expressionless:


Story Title: Pregnant by …
Me reading episode 3, when M/C and L/I do the deed: I wonder if M/C is going to get pregnant from this :thinking:


Even worse when Brody and Lila are the only ones featured on the cover art.


Oh, gosh, I totally forgot the covers lmao!


True, but at least they don’t say it specifically haha.


Your example summaries and titles killed me :joy:
I am dead.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: