Why do some authors never continue their story if they didn’t win a certain contest?


I’m just irritated right now, whenever I read a story that involves a contest (like H&V) authors say they won’t update until after the contest is over, or they won’t continue their story unless they’ve won. So i’m confused, what is the purpose of even making a story if you aren’t going to continue it if you don’t want or you’re not gonna update until a contest is over? idk if this is a rant but like cmon…


Well it’s not in an author’s best interest to continue until a contest is over because I believe that can affect the reader retention? I’m not completely sure, but I personally wouldn’t until after the contest ends.


thanks for your response but what do you mean it can affect the reader retension? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I thought it would help because if they update it consistently won’t they get more views? i’m tired of falling in love with stories that don’t continue :slightly_frowning_face::frowning:️:rofl:


No because if an author updates but not everyone reads their new episodes, then their retention will drop. If there are just 3 episodes published at once, there’s a good chance that everyone will read all three episodes. If an author later chooses to add new episodes, some of their previous readers may not get around to reading the new episode in time.

Retention is a percentage, not a total number of reads.


oh! thanks!! I didn’t know that.:smile:


I could be wrong on how it works, lol. But as that’s my understanding, I wouldn’t update my contest entries until after the deadline and I know a lot of other authors think the same way.


didn’t the contest end march 21 for h&v


Oh sorry, I meant after the winners are announced. Not the deadline. As retention is judged from the deadline date.




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