Why do some people over 20 feel old?

I’m 22 with a son who is almost 3. I haven’t been on a random outing in forever. The last really fun thing I did was go on vacation with my fiance last summer. My baby comes first, so sometimes it seems like I don’t get to do anything for myself. Which makes me very depressed. So, I understand it because I feel like I’m in my mid 50s all the time.

tbh I’m 17 and I feel old…

im 21. i feel old… is white hair for 21 normal???

At least not a health issue, it just depends on your genes when the hair will no longer have colour.

I’m 25, and me “feeling old” is usually dependant on the things going on in my life or my surrondings.

Sometimes, I feel old on these forums (and sometimes in public)when people who are still in high school/under 18 talk about how old they feel.
I feel old when I reconnect with a little cousin I haven’t seen in years.
But the idea of me being old didn’t settle in until I signed on to a 401k plan at work. I realized I was already planning my retirement, and I only started my career.

But generally speaking, I don’t actually feel all that old. I have a lot to learn, and there’s a lot I haven’t done yet. I have yet to buy a house, I’m not engaged or married, and I don’t have kids. In a certain sense, I feel like this is was separates me from people who are well established in there lives, so I kind of still feel like a kid sometimes.


I’m over 20 (oops one step closed to finding my age) and I don’t feel that old. Then I look at all the young people and the shows I used to watch as a kid and think ‘I’m so old.’


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Remember ya’ll… we’re not old, we just feel old :wink:

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One of the things that make me feel really old is when my younger siblings watch Disney Channel and the casts(I accidentally wrote cats lmao) are young, because, bloody hell… when I was a kid, I used to think that all the Disney stars were sooo damn old. But in fact, it was just me being a little hobo… and now it feels like I’m an old grandpa. Literally. I’m ready to get a walking frame.


I feel like an absolute old hag.

Personally, I’m 23 but I feel like I’ve lived long enough already for 2 or 3 lifetimes. It’s kinda just that sense of “what’s the point of any of this?” I’m going to have to work till I die, I’m probably going to go grey prematurely, I’ve had enough crap jobs that things ache and pop that shouldn’t at my age, but hey I’m young so I should be able to take it right? The stress of letting my parents down, having no money, being in debt, still trying (and failing) to maintain a social life, having a healthy relationship with someone, trying to go back to school, losing my uncle, hating my job/boss, not to mention my crippling PTSD episodes and anxiety… I started having seizures and lost my job because of it- because of the stress they say. But then you have other 20-something-year-olds telling you that their problems are worse and apparently that means your problems dont matter. And you cant talk to you cheating father whom you’re pissed as hell at or your grieving mother whom is trying to work through her own divorce so you go to therapy and what do you get there? Enlightenment? No. Do you feel better after at least? No. At least not right away. But the thing is you have to keep going back to keep feeling like you’re making any progress but it keeps you feeling stagnant in the rest of your life. We’re all just stagnent. Stagnent… and old.

Okay rant over.

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I think it may be (that’s just my opinion because I am not a 30 year old) because they haven’t actually done some of the things they wished to do. Ya know? Like some plans they had, and they know they can’t do it now and they are not satisfied with what they have achieved as yet so they start considering themselves old. At least that’s what I think!


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I don’t understand it either. To be honest, it seriously is a pet peeve of mine when people say “ugh, I’m so old,” Like…bruh, you’re like 20, shut up…>.>

Now, it is different if people say “I feel kinda old…” then I can understand it is because of the way their life is and what we see the youngins doing and what we’re told we’re all SUPPOSED to be doing as youngins ourselves.

My best friend does it all the time, she’s like, “My back hurts…buddy, I’m old.” …-_- dude…shut it. LOLOLOL You know my dad is like 53, and he’s still young! <3

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