Why do they kiss like this,?


Before I let it proofread everything was ok and now I get this, can someone help me please xxx

thanks xxxx


You have to put layers.


Can i put the script and you place the layers?


PM me.


The man should be in a lower layer than the woman
For example if you write :

@DR RENAUD moves to layer 0 and ANNEKE moves to layer 1

Dr Renaud will be behind Anneke.

If you write:
@DR RENAUD moves to layer 1 and ANNEKE moves to layer 0

Anneke will be behind Renaud.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart:


But i did all that before i gave it to my proofreader and no everything is upside down


You must write the layer after you write the spot of it I think :sparkling_heart:


Thanks but the script is done i don’t know where anymore.
The hug i could save but the rest…


Write it before all the “kisses”

Like (idk who you want in front but let’s imagine is anneke)

&Anneke spot…

@ANNEKE moves to layer 1
@DR RENAUDE moves to layer 0

@DR RENAUDE faces … kiss passionate, etc

Spot again

Layer again

Animation and face

Like this , I hope it helps :sparkling_heart:


If is solved already thanks for your help xxx @Sydney_H this can be closed xxx



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: