Why do they think my name is Tom

:joy::joy: not sure why this has happened but I got a reply from a ticket I sent but for some reason they think my name is Tom is there anywhere that I need to change my name or something???


Imao that’s ridiculous ;D

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Maybe they’re randomly assigned?

lmao , maybe in your email you put that your name is Tom? or they just messed up your name. because at the same time autocorect exist–

Who knows :joy::joy::+1: unless I’m wondering can they see my email address? If so they might have mistaken my surname for my first name as the first 3 letter and Tom lol


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Tom :star_struck:


Lmfao!! That’s really funny actually. At least they responded tho. :joy:


Did you accidentally enter it while submitting the ticket? :thinking: Wait… does the ticket even ask for your name? I kind of remember that it does. So maybe when you entered your name, autocorrect or something altered it by accident.

A copy paste answer where they forgot to change the name maybe? :sweat_smile:

That’s funny, though lol