Why do you compare peoples' struggles?

Here’s the deal:
I hear of people comparing black slaves to the Irish slaves, and I will be frank. STOP IT. If the Irish slaves were treated WORSE than black slaves, than stop using it to make our ordeals seem LESS valid! Instead, let’s have sympathy for both! Why? Because they and we both went through awful things!

We shouldn’t have to say “That didn’t happen!” to feel more validated, That’s like saying because rape victims are rape victims, we shouldn’t complain about being, oh, let’s say, emotionally abused because they went through worse than us.

We all have struggles, some smaller than others, but they are STILL struggles! We shouldn’t have to try and change how we feel about our problems because someone has had it worse!

And it shouldn’t be a competition, either! Just because someone else has it worse than what we are fighting against, that shouldn’t be a reason to challenge their claims, hate them, and cuss them out because they’re actually going through the pain! It’s happening to them!

It doesn’t make our pain any less painful because they go through, too!

Like feminists. They fight the men’s rights organization (some of them), and some fight them because they (actually some) claim to have it worse than women, asking why they don’t fight for them, one woman said that she acted like she was in a competition (that only SHE knew about) against the men on WHO had it worse, basically.
It’s stupid, why have a competition? Why would you want to have it worse than someone other than the reason that you don’t want to believe that someone could go through so much pain (and that’s still not an excuse)?

We’re trying to stop the pain from happening again; we’re trying to make the world a better place! If you get to the point where someone else has it worse than you, and by that I mean, you fix all the problems that made you worse off than them to the point that you’re actually better off, then be joyful that you’ve finally ended those problems!

If you don’t have it as bad as someone, you can be glad that you don’t have their problems and help them with their problems while trying to fix your own.


That is so much true. It also happens when you’re feeling bad (Physically) and someone will quickly tell you something like: “Oh, it’s nothing compared to what I had last week.”
Listen, I don’t absolutely care. I’m feeling bad now, you don’t, shut up.


Something I think about alot is that my life isn’t so bad. I cry a lot and used to do dumb stuff to myself, which I’ve gotten way better at lately. But I still wonder why I hurt so much.

I’m more frustrated all the time when I’m like, "I could be homeless. But I’m not. " so why am I still crying? I do not understand why I am this way and I think that makes me worse in a way. But I’m literally trying to make myself feel better?

So I’m super guilty of this. Lol. But never to other people. I’m just really hard in myself like… I’ll tell myself "quit crying like a b*tch. You’re drinking pineapple juice, you’re fine. " lol

So how do I stop thinking this way? Maybe other people don’t know how to stop either?

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There’s nothing wrong with using it to make yourself feel better or to make others feel better, but to downgrade the struggles of others and use it to hurt someone is unacceptable. I hate when people use this to put others down for saying they’re life is hard because of some serious issue in their lives.