Why do you like LL or Ink?

Hey guys.
My question is: Why do you like Ink or Limelight?
I personally like Limelight the most, because the characters look really realistic and beautiful in my opinion. I like the clothes too, but i would love to see more clothes added by the episode team. I also love that there’s a new LL update every week, so I have a lot of new stuff to add to my story. I don’t like Ink that much, because to me it looks too much like a cartoon, and it’s not really realistic (In my opinion).
I don’t want to start a beef here, I just want to hear your opinions and why!
Thanks so much :kissing_heart:

  • Limelight
  • Ink

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ink sometimes creeps me out

INK because I love the animations and the noses more

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It does have more better ranges on noses.

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Same! :grimacing:

Hi, I’m just new to episode… I guess around 1 month… and honestly I do find LL so amazing and realistic… I agree on u sis… it just feel so real… the animation,. the way they move… especially when kissing lol haha… kidding aside, I felt so in love with LL styles. really… But what I noticed on the other hand that INK has great great stories based on readers choice… many readers… and most. of them are INK… but nevertheless, I’m still a number one fan to LL… support support…


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Hey sis!
Yes exactly omg!
I love Limelight soooo much

LL only!

Sorry, but I don´t read ANY INK stories… i have quite a dislike for their creepy look. Just being honest! :blush:

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ME TOO. Don’t worry, i hate it too actually. I just can’t read INK stories. :wink:

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