I recently noticed several posts which are aimed at complaining about the episode and why people think that thay do not do it right.
And I am tired of this - so let’s make a positive post just to keep the balance and write here why you like the episode and why you joined the app why you joined the forum?
What is still keeping you here?
Please stay on topic - complaints please put in other topics. :smiley:
Lest spread bit of love you know just for a change. :smiley:

So I start:

I came to episode kinda axidently through some add in another game. It was my first app with stories and I was fascinated by it being so different from other games. also being reeeeealy for a long time and adult I have soft spot for all the teenage romances so I got hooked.

I was a reader for I guess a year and I was not even thinking about writing a story - not actualy even did I know how it is done… but I got curious and looked it up… and well I was hooked the second time. It was a disaster first to learn it but I just wanted to concur it and suddenly also ideas for stories were coming and not even knowing how it happened I suddenly got a new hobby - writing stories on Episode.

I love that it brought me to writing…I always wanted to write but was kinda thinking nobody would ever read it anyway, I will not sell a single book so why to try… the whole episode was a great way how to test my writing on public and that my story actualy got noticed and has some fans its great feeling.

also thanks to it I have learned how to work in GIMP (a program for manipulating photos) to be able to make my own overlays so Episode brought me to learn new things.

I was also amazed by the support which you can find from the community in the directing tips and trick section - every time I didnt know what and how to do I got help like almost instant.

Now when I myself know the directing I try to give this back helping there too… and I love this positiveness this community can give.

Also, I am happy about the fact episode is still improving adding new stuff.



when I first started downloading Episode app, I read the story Campus Crush in Classic, then I started reading The Prophecy in Classic n i still continue to read Josaeph Evans classic stories, and then I said to myself, you know what?

I want to write a story, so BOOM, searched up the writers portal, got started on my classic story and its published. What got my attention on Episode are the stories and the styles they were in and choices.

I lovE ePISODE cuz u can create your own story ALMOST ABOUT ANYTHING! Bring it to life! Having fun being creative! you know? Your the directer of your own STORY! XDDD


Yes, I forgot to add that the app allows you to spread your story really world wide…I mean isn’t it amazing that people from all over the world read what you have written? :sunglasses::nerd_face::joy:

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of course~~ Plus u can write yr story in any language u want that others can read in that language. Others who dont know the language, don’t have to read it to understand it.

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Which bring me to another plus I forgot…English is not my native language so reading and writing in English is for me a great way how to keep the language knowledge active.
I even learned some new words looking it up for my story. And it seems to me my written English got a little bit better…even my spelling still sucks. :rofl:

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ikr, i have problems with my vocabulary sometimes, and the way I speak so I hate it but, im getting there, and when new authors are writing a story for the first time, other authors just have to give them good feedback on what they need to do n know.

Ive read stories WITH NO choices at all, and I am TOTALLY OKAY with it. I want to read a story with NOTHING. Just get straight to it and read it. I liked it.

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