Why does age matter?



A few people say that episode should change the age range from 13+ to 17+. Which I really don’t get, yes some stories have very mature themes and yes some don’t but, not every story has something bad in it and I know that 12 and 13 year olds aim for the cliche romance or comedies not some super mature stories…


Eh I guess it does matter, children can get the wrong impression. For example, the bad boy stories are cliche and as you said under 13 year olds wan’t cliche stories. They might think that a guy is supposed to treat you like crap or something!


True but the story sometimes always ends up with the bad boy and them falling madly in love


I know, but they shouldn’t really put up with the BS that the boy gives to get a good relationship?


I completely agree with you, I personally don’t read a lot of stories like that


Lol I do sometimes because I know it isn’t realistic and wont happen but little kids do…so age really matters


I guess it does


There’s no problem with stories like that, I for one do read bad boy stories (ha guilty), however Episode guidelines are clearly contradicted by themselves. Episode should change their age guidelines if they are going to keep choosing to release stories like “In My Bed…”. No child should be exposed to things like that, obviously everyone is a free person… but come on a child should not be reading adult stories. Besides like I said the main thing everyone has an issue with, is just Episode breaking their guidelines. :laughing: And then banning every author who does the same as them, because Episode’s actions leads them to believe they can do the same.


Oof In my bed… Now that was a serious issue


very serious


I understand how you’re thinking, but I disagree. 13 and 14 yo people are not “little kids”, they’re mature enough to understand it’s not okey to be treated like crap by bad boys.


I guess it depends how they act on it.


I was talking about under 13 year olds like 11 or 10


They’re not even allowed to play this game then.


Nothing stopping them though


Lol and that’s why age matters


Age matters to some Episode users because they feel restricted with their creativity. Some authors want to write more mature content but obviously aren’t able too because of the low age rating meaning if they did write these scenes, their story would be banned :woman_shrugging:


They’re still kids. They’re not even fully grown adults. Their surroundings impact their mindset and perspective, we as adults should take a stand… and be like hell nah no 13 year old is going to see cartoon characters mounting each other.


Many people are saying that the age rating should change not because they don’t believe that there are stories without mature scenes. But I believe because some episode stories come off a sweet romance but might have an inappropriate meaning, For example ‘The Heat Inside’ seems like a normal cliche romance story, it is actually about a girl who’s step-father takes interest in her (While being married to her mother). Many people over 17 would know that that is wrong, but if you are under that age range there is a possibility that you would not understand that is wrong (If you are under that age range (17) you may have just never been told that that situation is wrong, and should Never happen).

So, it’s not really saying that all stories are bad or ‘mature’, but because there is a possibility that someone younger who doesn’t quite understand, could get their hand on a story like that and think it is ‘fine’ and ‘normal’ for that to happen, when it is not.


You’re right, but I turned 14 a couple of months ago and I never thought of this kind of stuff. But it depends.