Why does Episode censor the word "chin"?

I understand censoring cuss words and intimate body parts but what’s so bad about the word “chin” lmao

“omg i have a pimple on my ch*n”


Probably because it’s too close to a certain derogatory slur for Asian people.


True. But it’s still pretty dumb.


Have you tried capitalizing the word? Does it always do this? I have entered the word into my portal and previewed it and it seems to work fine in the middle of a sentence.

It could be because it is all you have there, so the script might think you are trying to sneak in a racial slur. Try typing it into the middle of a sentence. If it still does the censor it might be a mobile version issue.


Appears to be a mobile version thing, then :slight_smile: Was worth a try.

Yeah it doesn’t distinguish between the actual slurs and things close to them. I think cucumber is another word you can’t write? Maybe I’m wrong. That’s why I use the internet portal

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