Why does Episode Portal keep signing me out?

I keep getting signed out of Episode Writer’s portal. It’s very inconvenient. I go inactive for hours because I get stuck with my story, then the writer’s portal signed me out. It prompted me to the log in page. Seriously, can Episode do something about this? I don’t want to have to keep on signing in over and over again on the same device and the same day.


Do you delete episode on your phone?


Cause if any device that uses the exact same email that you use for the writers portal gets signed out. Then you will, be signed out of the writers portal


What @Jaslene_Rivera said! I alternate between different devices and it’s signed out when I go back to one after using another.


i didn’t delete the app.

i may have used my mobile phone to access episode writer’ portal. Well, thanks for this.

I see…Thanks for this.

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