Why does every episode story have a black best friend?


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what you mean by “black best friend”?


I mean in every damn story the author adds a side character who is usually the best friend of the main character and they happen to be black. This also happens in Hollywood especially the older movies. That’s tokenization and I’m high key annoyed by it.


It is really annoying! I mainly have a mixed cast whenever I write! you gotta have that diversity!:wink:


yes! I am so tired of having people of color just being side characters in stories usually there to aide the main characters. A lot of big authors do this so no one even pretend like this doesn’t happen!


I totally agree!


Would you rather have stories with NO diversity?
You can’t have it both ways.
If a story does not have diversity, they get labeled as racist.
If they add a best friend that is black, they get bashed for that as well.
It is a dichotomy of many writers.
What’s wrong with a best friend? That is usually a key figure in a story.
Would you rather it’s just some random background character that has no role in the story whatsoever?
Or are you saying that all authors should make either the MC or LI ethnic, even if it’s not in their vision of the story?
What about other minority groups?
I don’t hear LGTB people complaining about main characters having a gay friend.
What about religion? Other ethnicities?


BRUH. this thread doesnt make sense theirs always diversity in the stories.I mean come on this thread will only start fight and dramas just close i up


ANNIE A respect


Well, it’s usually a chance for diversity. And, really, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having your MC’s best friend be black, as long as they’re well developed.
In a story I’m writing (sorta, gotta love writer’s block), my MC has a Korean best friend and a trans best friend. And since they’ll be well-developed characters, actually important to my MC’s life, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The problem comes when the best friend is built on stereotypes, and their tokenism is all they are as a character. For example, gay best friend only giving fashion advice and talking about boys. Black best friend acting ‘ghetto’ and only being there when the MC goes shopping… Or something like that.
… Best friends in general on Episode are all kinda awful, tbh.


what do you mean you can’t have it both ways??? There should be more stories with diverse characters who are actually essential to the storyline other than to provide support for the main character. I’d rather have the story have no diversity because adding in a random black bestfriend is just pathetic and futile. Whats wrong with the best friend? They are extra in most stories and nothing but cheerleaders to the main characters. And I never said that all authors should make their mc ethnic, make your mc whatever ethnicity you want but if you’re going to add in a person of color do it tastefully so that it is well suited to the plot and that they are actually a part of the story other than to provide support or just don’t do it all.


Most stories I’ve read consist of a main character, love interest, and then all the supporting characters. I mean, you also have the antagonist of the story. Would that be better?
The stories I’ve read where the best friend was either black or LGBT, that character was actually an important part of the story and becomes a well loved character.
Besides the main character, love interest, or villain (because that would open it’s own can of worms).
What other typical character SHOULD it be. You say meaningful… but what other meaningful character is there?
In stories, the best friend is usually the #4 character behind the MC, LI, and antagonist.


Personally, I am an African American girl, and I do see what you mean. Of course, I’m going to incorporate some black characters into my story because I believe in appealing to everyone of all skin tones and races. However, I don’t think authors do it just to make up for a lack of diversity. Maybe some do, but I don’t know of authors who do it. I think adding black characters into a story is good because an author has to appeal to their readers. Although, I don’t think authors incorporate black characters just to be putting them into a story.


Okay okay okay…
First of all there is almost NONE where it is that the best friend is black
And second of all you don’t know the HALF of it you haven’t read EVERY single story there is on episode You haven’t even read half land MORE of those storys And those storys where there is it’s mostly because you can decide the skin color on your own.
You are just doing this because you have NOTHING better to do then creating a fight ore what this is.

There is MANY storys where the MC is black and ALL THAT you can decide on your own AGAIN for the most what skin color you want!
I don’t think you just can barge in, in a FREAKING forum of an app where there is storys take it easy IT
And if you think that well think AGAIN and look around

If ANYTHING here is “sad ore pathetic” it’s YOU
im sorry but seriously don’t you have ANYTHING BETTER TO DO?


I mean… It’s better than nothing.

But I gotta say, my story has a mixed cast as well.




No it definetly happens the op is NOT being overdramatic. Ppl wanna add tolen black ppl and they are sterotypes or they are just a prop to say hey i add one diffrent nationality im “diverse” and
the “best friend” character is always some flat character if they are not sterotypical(a prop) never is there any best friend moments just a random comment about the crush the MC likes/parties/drinking or sex.


I totally get where the OP is coming from. I have been reading episode stories for 4 years now and I have read stories where all the characters are tan/light and not a single diverse character and then I have read stories where all the characters are tan and they have 1 diverse character who seems to be out of place there and not because they are diverse but because they are just there. They don’t add anything to the story at all. They are usually a sassy best friend who’s only role is to make sassy comments. Which is why in my story the whole cast is pretty diverse and not just one or two people, who don’t matter to the story at all.


Coming from a girl that lives in Canada (but is black.)

I know it happens in stories. But don’t you think if every best friend was “light” or “medium” or whatever, it would effect you? It’s simply the author’s choice whether to or not to use a type of SKIN COLOUR.

I know it might make you mad.
Or even a little sad.

But labeling makes you insecure, and just…


I’ve faced many people in my life, and most of them, JUST. DON’T. CARE.

Not saying that you are racist, but I, find this topic VERY irrelative and discriminating, even to your own ethnicity.

Others do it for reasons, and some put different ethnicities because of variety.

But they sure do make us look amazing, both on the inside, and out.


Love this!!!
Very well said and put.