Why does everyone love limelight?

For some reason I just really don’t like limelight, I adore ink, but I love LL clothes. I guess it just bugs me because I’ve recently started realising everyone is adhering to limelight just as I’ve started writing an ink story and it just makes it impossible to promote ink. When reading limelight stories (and reviewing them), no matter what is happening in the story I’m just inclined to dislike it and not continue reading and I feel if it’s too “fake” idk if that makes sense. I want to like limelight like everyone else but I can’t, can someone explain why they like it? I would like to read some healthy debates regarding this topic. Btw my insta is inferior.episode :slight_smile:

I hate to self promote but…
My story is called inferior

Obviously it’s in INK


I think it’s because limelight is more realistic as in actions and animations. All the styles are great, but LL has became popular from what it comes with, the outfits and stuff. (: :blob_hearts:


I find the animations too artificial, idk, if ink was still being added to (outfits wise and props), do you think it would be just as popular? Anyways thank you for sharing your opinion!! :grin:


Yeah, probably. But as ll is more enjoyable for readers and has became a strong base. Episode updates more on them than ink, otherwise ink is really great too!! Thank you :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I began writing a classic story right as ink came out, and I remember hating that style at first. Over time I came to love it as we got more outfits and facial features. Then I started writing my ink story as Limelight was released, and pretty much everyone hated Limelight. Now, the bulk of stories are created in Limelight style, and it appears that more people love it, but really I believe ink still is the all time favorite. Limelight is just updated regularly with a bigger variety of items to help everyone make their stories as unique as possible, from customization to clothing, which makes it more popular/attractive.

Ink only has 1 make tattoo, where as Limelight has tons of tattoos, hair, piercings, moles etc for both. Ink only had standard m/f body types, where as we can create more different body types and different genders in Limelight. Limelight offers dogs and horses. And obviously the closet for Limelight is probably triple the closet ink has, if not more, including everything from undies to costumes to pride wear.

However, don’t let this stop you from writing your story in ink and loving it. Lots of people still love and will read Ink stories, including me! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, I would appreciate it if u read mine and gave an honest opinion, but no pressure!! I wish they would still update ink so bad but it is what it is I guess, maybe I simp to hard for cropped hair, defined triangle, uneven mouth guys and refuse to move on lmao. Anyways thank you for sharing your thoughts, did you ever publish your ink story?? if so tell me what it is called and i’ll give it a read :grin: :grin:


I love both. LL get updated every week. I don’t mind to read INK. You have some animations at the INK-style I definitely like and don’t have in LL. (Like the hop animation or walk_trudge animation).

By the way I have two stories also in INK-Style → ‘Bounded Minds’ and ‘The Runaway

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Happy reading!!

Love A-W


Yeah I’ll check your story out!! And my story is My Secret Profession :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great to have more ink updates, but their system for it is outdated and can’t be updated anymore, unfortunately. But I know what you mean, there’s not really a hairstyle or facial feature that hits as hard as those did in ink😂

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Thar is partial true some of animation are a fake and unrealistic there are some good animations out there but they aren’t better as ink but I still like limelight better because it gets updates and the story is just more fun and with everything i do think limelight have alot more romantic animations that are also realistic

I personally only read LL now. I just like that the art style is a little more realistic while ink feels more cartoony. I don’t think either is wrong, I just like the style of LL so much more that I can’t read ink stories.