Why does it not remember selected outfits & hairstyles?

Hi, I’m writing the next chapter of my story and I noticed it doesn’t remember the outfit and hairstyle I selected in the last chapter. How can this be fixed?

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I think you have to use the remember system, I just don’t know how to do it? Ask maybe @JemU776?

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  1. Could you show your code?

  2. If it’s fine, then it could be a glitch on Episode’s part. Some people have been getting very strange glitches, @Fatima.s has a weird glitch in her story where some people who select the female love interest path got the male one in episode 7. Very strange. If this is the case, you can send in a ticket to episode (link to send one in my linktree)


if it is on the computer it cant remeber what happen in last chapter. do not worry it is normal it wont do that on the app.

also on the app if you change hair on the app it wont go back to before unleash it goes through a comand changeing it.


Thanks for your reply. I thought I only need to use the remember system on multiple storylines rather than outfits. I don’t think it will work with the remember system in any case because the storyline remains the same, and only the outfit changes.

Just basic choices coding for outfits. I have used that many times in earlier chapters and it seem to remember the outfit choices unless you used “changes into”. Somehow on the latest chapter it didn’t work which is strange. It might be a glitch which I need to send a ticket to Episode as you mentioned. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply. I know what you mean when you say it doesn’t remember on the computer version, but this time it didn’t remember on the app version. I have noticed it varies between the computer version and the app version for a while now, but as long as it shows correctly on the app version it will work correctly for the readers.

Yeah, I noticed you have to command to change hairstyles back too which I don’t intend to do as I have no idea what the reader has chosen for their cc to force command it back.

I don’t understand why Episode don’t have a command to default back to cc as selected by the reader.

that is weird, are you sure you went through the comand

there has been a lot of glitches on the app latly maybe it has something to do with it?

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I just looked at my own story I work at and it got glithes evrywhere. some charaters are missing hair others clothes, and a lot of backgrouns are black or they dont do the animation, so yeah something is wrong

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Command option is not needed in this instant because I don’t want to change back to default outfit or other outfits. Normally it will remember which outfit was selected from choices unless you demand it to change outfit. I cannot demand it to change to the selected outfit because I have no idea what the reader has selected as their option, and as mention before Episode does not have a command to change to cc or choices selected by the reader. If you know one please let me know.

Wow, that sounds bad. I guess at least everything else is working on mine except remembering outfit selection. :smile:

I’m scare to submit a ticket now in case they stuff it up more :sweat_smile:. Maybe I will just allow the reader to re-select their outfits at the beginning of the chapter.

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You need to use gains
Here’s Dara’s script template:

Hope it helps!! :cupid:

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Interesting, this will definitely work for my purpose. I will use gains to fix this. Thanks, it was very helpful.

Hii, if you want the characters remember what they wore on last episode you should use gains, instead just changes outfit command

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