Why does it say ive created multiple overlays when i only made one?

Guys, i need overlay help again :cry:, it says Overlay animation “PINK ARROW -RIGHT” has been created. You’ve created multiple overlays with the same name in your script.

Can anybody tell me how to fix this? Because when i preview my story everything is just fine, but i want to make sure when i release it there are no mess ups, so how can i make this warning go away?

Did you use the “create from” command and name the second overlay the same as the original one?

I did like this

@overlay PINK ARROW - RIGHT create

&overlay PINK ARROW - RIGHT opacity 100% in 0

@overlay PINK ARROW - LEFT create

&overlay PINK ARROW - LEFT opacity 100% in 0

Oh, okay. I don’t see anything wrong there. :thinking:
Could you post a screenshot of your script?

Its kinda long because its supposed to be a dressup game with tappable arrows to select a new outfit

Do you have a label before those commands? If you have a goto that goes back to the label, it will create those overlays again. So every time you go back to that label they keep getting created. So if this is the case, place the label after the overlays.


That worked! Thanks so much! :grin:

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