Why does it say "No eyebrows called Arched Natural?"

Why does it says this? I need help.

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You need to change the name to your character’s name.

So do i put the characters name for every name on the thing ?

Yes. If the templates character name is “FEMALEAVATAR” or something of the same, then you need to change them all to your character’s name. Which template are you using? If you’re using mine, it tells you how to change the name in the doc.

I’m using Joseph Evans template. And another question. If it has "@CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into starawberry blonde. Do i put my characters name too?

On his site, there’s a thing where you type I. Your character’s name then click the button and it will change all the CHARACTER names to whatever you typed in.

I’ll just use your template lol. And do you have instagram?

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I don’t understand your template. I’m sorry it’s confusing. Help me ?

What about it don’t you understand? You just copy the template and paste it into your script. Then change the name by following the directions in bolded red.

label customize_characters

Who do you want to customize?

“Character” {
goto character_ONE
} “Person” {
goto character_TWO
} “Someone” {
goto character_THREE
} “Finished customizing!” {
goto done_cc

label character_ONE
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 1 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label character_TWO
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 2 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label character_THREE
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 3 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label done_cc

#Your story goes here#

Where do i put my characters name?

This isn’t a customization template, it’s “choose who to customize” template.


thank you so much girl. i love you so muchhh

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At the end of the template. It says “this template was made by @Dara.Amarie.ep on IG!” but it’s an error.

What’s the error? Can you post a screenshot of your script

Nevermind i fixed it. And there’s a error on line 6 of my template. It says “@MIYAchanges hair into Punk Pixie” is not a directing command."

You need a space between MIYA and changes

Thanks girl. I love you so much. Your a hero :slight_smile:

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Do you know how to make cover arts ? Cause i need one for my story.

You should check out the Art Resources section