Why does it say "No eyebrows called Arched Natural?"

I’ll just use your template lol. And do you have instagram?

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I don’t understand your template. I’m sorry it’s confusing. Help me ?

What about it don’t you understand? You just copy the template and paste it into your script. Then change the name by following the directions in bolded red.

label customize_characters

Who do you want to customize?

“Character” {
goto character_ONE
} “Person” {
goto character_TWO
} “Someone” {
goto character_THREE
} “Finished customizing!” {
goto done_cc

label character_ONE
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 1 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label character_TWO
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 2 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label character_THREE
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 3 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label done_cc

#Your story goes here#

Where do i put my characters name?

This isn’t a customization template, it’s “choose who to customize” template.


thank you so much girl. i love you so muchhh

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At the end of the template. It says “this template was made by @Dara.Amarie.ep on IG!” but it’s an error.

What’s the error? Can you post a screenshot of your script

Nevermind i fixed it. And there’s a error on line 6 of my template. It says “@MIYAchanges hair into Punk Pixie” is not a directing command."

You need a space between MIYA and changes

Thanks girl. I love you so much. Your a hero :slight_smile:

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Do you know how to make cover arts ? Cause i need one for my story.

You should check out the Art Resources section

hey, i think i have the same problem like she/he had before. but i am using your template :frowning: can u help me? :frowning:

soooo bc im too lazy to change 1000+ character name, i changed mine into femaleavatar. and i am doing a limelight story with a female character, not male :confused:

You should have read everything on the page where you got my template. It tells you how to change the character’s name, along with the “common errors” I quoted above.

IT WORKED!!1!!1! THANK YOU SM!!! :heart:

But what if I don’t have a character name, rather I am letting the user input their name into the game?