Why does it say "No eyebrows called Arched Natural?"

hey, i think i have the same problem like she/he had before. but i am using your template :frowning: can u help me? :frowning:

soooo bc im too lazy to change 1000+ character name, i changed mine into femaleavatar. and i am doing a limelight story with a female character, not male :confused:

You should have read everything on the page where you got my template. It tells you how to change the character’s name, along with the “common errors” I quoted above.

IT WORKED!!1!!1! THANK YOU SM!!! :heart:

But what if I don’t have a character name, rather I am letting the user input their name into the game?

You still use the script name that you have set for them. Whatever the reader types in won’t be affected.

It didn’t work for me I need some help please help me thank you so much it also says I can’t use “This template was made by @Dara.Amarie.ep on Instagram!”

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