Why does it take me so long to write one chapter?

Hey Guys. I’m wondering how long it takes for you guys to write one episode with a decent length. When I’m writing I get sooo off task and I’ll find myself on my phone scrolling through instagram while my computer is sitting in front of me. Or other times, I get to a scene where I’m not to excited to write, but I know I have to do it and then I just never get around to it. Even then, sometimes it takes me an hour just to code like 200 lines. Whats up with that? I keep imagining my story with 30 + chapters and I’m just like how does someone write so many chapters? I don’t know if I could do it.
I definitely think its just me, but whats everyone else’s writing habits?
How do you stay motivated?


I say you put your phone in your drawer and think. Think HARD! You need to keep yourself motivated!!! Keep the tabs you need for episode and delete any new ones. That’s at least what I do :blush: . I do recommend taking a 5 minute break from the screen though.

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Yeah, I’m like that too. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and you don’t know what to write or gets lazy. I can’t never finish writing in one chapter for a day, it takes longer for me to get it done for weeks.

All I can tell you is take a break and do something else like watch TV (maybe you can gets idea from there.) eat something, read, listen music (help you calm).

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Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! It also takes me a long time just to code a few lines. Try to limit yourself from using your phone and just focus on what you’re doing. Also, something that helps me a lot before writing a scene,is when, for example, I want to write a sad scene, I listen to a sad song before doing so,just to get me into the right mood. Also, as @KieraC.writes said, reading other stories might help you get motivation to continue writing your own story. That’s what I do when I get discouraged anyway. Believe in yourself. Wish you the best of luck with your stories xx


Thank you! @marianna_mn @KieraC.writes @Ayu @RyRydoezepisode


:joy::joy: Sorry! Accidentally deleted my reply! If you need my tips or etc, PM me, and I’ll send them to you again.

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I’m with you. I’m such a perfectionist, so I spend way too much time carefully crafting every detail in every scene. I don’t have any tips to stay motivated, per se, but I do have two methods that can benefit writers like you and me.
For one, I recommend writing strictly dialogue to start. For each scene, I write the dialogue, choices, and basic directing (like the background and where the major characters stand) first. Then, I go back and add animations. Next, zooms, advanced character placement, overlays, background characters, effects, etc. At the very end of my writing, I add in sounds. This pattern might not be ideal for you, but I personally prefer it because it allows me to put the story first, and the visual enhancement second. That way, if I start to get lazy and sloppy with my directing, at least I know the plot and characters will still shine seeing as I prioritize dialogue over everything else.
My second suggestion is to draft more than three chapters to start. While I haven’t published a story on the app myself, I would say that most smaller authors follow the same pattern when publishing: Create three chapters, promote your story as much as possible, generate a following of readers. Once you get to that third stage, your readers are probably going to be asking for more chapters. I think it’s pretty typical and a good idea to, from that point on, update on a regular schedule. However, considering how long it takes me to write a chapter, I’m not sure if I could draft, direct, and perfect (not to mention, wait for custom backgrounds and overlays to be approved) one chapter per week on a regular basis. To ensure the rest of my story is up to par with my first three chapters, I’m planning on writing more than three chapters to start, but only publishing those three. That way, when the time comes to publish more chapters, I know my work will be of quality I’m proud of and not super rushed and sloppy because I’m trying to meet a deadline. This will cause me to release my story later than originally anticipated, but I think it’s a good strategy to relieve stress if you’re a slow writer like me.
These are just two things that I do that help me get through the writing process a little quicker. It’s not exactly motivation, but I thought these tips might be helpful!

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Thank you! I think I kinda do the same thing as you where a do mostly dialogue and some directing and then I go back and add in zooming and other animations… I’m definelty a slow poke when it comes to writing. I definitetly am going to try to follow one chapter per week, sometimes I’m just not that motivated and others I wanna get the story out asap. I’m gonna try to adapt to a schedule. Thanks for these tips!

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