Why does limelight look different?


I’ve noticed in some featured stories the limelight avatars look a little “different.” Here is what I mean: 26%20PM How come that type of limelight isn’t released out to everyone but this limelight is 15%20PM They look pretty different, but it’d be pretty nice if the other type of limelight was also available to all writers


Because they only let featured stories have certain things.


:unamused: Foreal tho, I dunno what would be the reason to not release that to all writers tho tbh…


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The ‘other Limelight’ is a combination of both Ink and Limelight. According to Liz, during Limelight’s early stages of development, it was created in order to speed up production at the time.


Ohhhhhhh! Well that explains it all now, thx u!