Why does Miss MJ make her female characters SO WEAK

Like seriously each female character is a copy and paste of another. They are weak and helpless and unable to do anything for themselves and they can’t even date other men without the alpha getting angry meanwhile the male leads can go see strippers and fuck around like its no big deal. Her female characters are always either virgins or inexperienced. And when their story ends they end up as mafia housewives. Like for example Charlotte is so pathetic and weak she can’t even drive and she ends up as a house wife lol or sierra or callie. Try something new.


Go sis! :ghost:


I can drive but I haven’t passed my test yet :frowning_face: dyspraxia is hell

Internalised misogyny sucks!




So true!

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The Noob Loop is also kinda like that… And NJ Collin (I think that’s how you spell it…?). It’s all “Revenge Daddy” this and “Revenge Daddy” that.


Also HATE people who reccomned their own stories (which she does… Go Figure).


I don’t like reading about these types of characters. It just bothers me when I see women being treated that way : /

However, she has a lot of reads, so a lot of people like reading about this type of stuff (I don’t understand this). Um, no thanks. I’ll just relax in my bed and read stories that portray women who aren’t weak :sparkling_heart:

GO STRONG FEMALE LEADS! :partying_face:


PREACH! :raised_hands:


I’ve personally never read any of her stories because they don’t really appeal to me, but judging from all of this, I’m glad I didn’t waste any passes. The weak MC needing an alpha male to be her hero is so overdone can we do something else now? yawn


I can honestly say I haven’t read any of her stories, but I hate weak female MCs. In the event of a female character dating someone who was abusive, I can understand the submissive character archetype. Someone has power over you, and you’re actually living in fear of what they’d do if you stand up for yourself. Leaving relationships like this is so much easier said than done.

But I do hate when a story is 30 chapters long because the MC is so conflict-averse she won’t address any issues she’s facing. These characters are almost always the source of their own problems. As appealing as the idea of ignoring a problem is, it always snowballs into something bigger.

There was one story I stopped reading because the MC actively avoided calling dying grandfather because she was “scared.” By the point I stopped reading, she still hadn’t called him and the details of their relationship weren’t even close to explained. I’m willing to bet once he dies, she’s going to cry and say “WHY DIDN’T I CALL HIM.” Stories with weak MCs are pretty predictable in that way.


lmaoooo :joy: trust me her male characters are NOT realistic at all :rofl::rofl:


Whats worse is that these ‘misunderstood’ men she creates, are actually emotionally abusive and controlling to the women and the excuse is “He’s in the mafia”. If he is in the MAFIA, why would a ‘self respecting’ woman with morals marry him and become a housewife?


So true lol. And they’re definitely players and hypocrites who don’t take the female mc’s emotions into account and it’s gross. Also why are all of the female characters housewives lol?


Probably because Miss MJ is running out of ideas to what to do with her disposable characters. Like, after they become a house wife, they don’t add anything else to the story,


That ain’t even a real thing yo

She made Enchantress, right?
Eva is a total Mary Sue

What? No, that was Mette M. Peleikis. She made that nasty teacher story as well.


I would say a lot of men are misogynist like them, but not the abusive ridiculous behavior.

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Why do people wanna bang their teachers
That’s just creepy