Why does my character look like she's floating when she's sleeping?

Um… how do you screenshot? Sorry for asking this.

What kind of computer are you using?
Try this

HP something? I don’t know the exact series number.

Oh, ok. I’ll check this out real quick.

This my work better than the other link


Click on the Directing Helper > Spot Helper change her spot

That is so cool!!! Thanks so much to all of you!!!

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Get the solution you were looking for @GrayKoala? :slight_smile:

Uhh no, wait a second… something’s wrong here…?

I did the directing helper and everything but when I click on the preview nothing’s changed?

Hi @GrayKoala!

When you use the Spot Helper to adjust the characters, be sure to adjust the spot of the character in your code :blush:

You can easily copy the spot in the Web Previewer like in the image below:


Hope that helps! :grin:

I did that, but it’s still not working…

Well what does your script look like then?


Add a tiny pause between @YOU walks to and @YOU spot 1.145

@YOU walks to screen center in zone 3
@pause for 0.1
@YOU spot 1.145 -190 355 in zone 3 and YOU faces left and YOU starts lay_awake_loop

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It works now! Thanks!

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delete IN ZONE 3 it has to work