Why does my overlay doesn't appear?

Hi there! I wanted to know if somebody could help me with overlay trouble I get while trying to make an intro. This is what my script looks like:

The problem is that it appears completely black (the screen during this section of the preview) and I already tried to scale and adjust the opacity of the overlay. The other overlay I used (TITLE-OVERLAY) does appear while this one does not.

If somebody could help me to understand why the overlay called WOLF-EYES-OVERLAY doesn’t appear I would be really grateful. Or if somebody is willing to try and send a “corrected script” of this part, it would also be a lot of help.


I heard some where that that specific background (all the black background ones) give trouble with overlays they work really bad maybe try another background or uploud a black one you’re self? I also always have that problem with INT. BLACK - NIGHT and INT. BLACK - DAY


Oh! Okay, thank you very much. So you suggest I upload a black background?

YEah I would do that !

Thank you so so much. With your help you just relieved my 2-day stress haha :joy::sweat_smile:

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