Why does my story not show up on the app?

My story is not showing up on the create section of the app, why is this?

Try updating it from the settings on episode portal and make sure you have at least 3 episodes!

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You have to have at least 400 lines for it to show up in the create section :slight_smile: chapters don’t matter.

Does your episode have any error messages in it. For example a background that is not approved if so, delete the scene with that background/overlay save the script and then add it back and it should appear on the app.

I think its because the first episode you have coded doesnt have 400 lines yet… :thinking:

the same thing happened to me. but i waited for like a few days and it popped up all of a sudden (i have 13 lines lmao)

Oh it did, over 5000 lines (mostly customisation), but I solved the issue simply by making 2 other chapters and putting the pause direction in each of them.

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I made 2 separate chapters, simply with the pause direction in them and that worked for me.

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