Why does my story rank say calculating, and doesn't change?

My story says calculating where story rank usually is… It’s been hours! I’ve never seen it an it’s worrying me lol. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Did you just publish it within the last day?

I made the changes and updated it this afternoon!

Perhaps that could be why? It sounds unusual, but I’d give it a day and if it still says “calculating”, submit a ticket

That’s a sound plan. That’s what I’ll do then :slight_smile:

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Make sure you check your e-mail-the one that’s associated with Writer’s Portal- as well to see if Episode Interactive/Pocket Gems sent u any messages.


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It’s probably been suspended because that’s usually what happens to stories that are suspended. You probably should send a ticket with the name of your story soon so they can let you know what happened.

It probably got flagged