Why does she slide? i don't understand


@ANNEKE walks from right to screen center in 5 AND ANNEKE is walk_neutral

iff someone can help me please



she will already be walking so you don’t need the AND ANNEKE is walk_neutral


I putted that in because she did not walk strange


also that animation only lasts a little while, you need to use the loop walking animation for her to walk until she’s where she needs to be


i have now @ANNEKE walks from right to screen center in 5
Can you change it how it should be please.



is it ink or limelight?


that should work as it is…?


nope i get an error


what does the error say?

can i see a screenshot of your script and the error



OH i get it now


the command is @CHARACTER walks to screen center in 5


lol i couldn’t figure that out for a minute


But then she is not entering the room


then you need to say this:

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen right THEN CHARACTER walks to screen center in 5


Yes that works you are a life saver thank you xxx

@Sydney_H this can be closed x



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: