Why does the reader always get the low rank?


Here is a huge pet peeve that I have, and hopefully I’m not the only one. Why does the reader ALWAYS have to get rescued by her “knight in shining armor?” Why can’t she be strong, too? Instead of the guy always being a gang leader or a rank higher somehow, why can’t the reader be an independent, strong character? Why not let the reader be in charge? This really does trigger me, because I prefer for the reader to not have to run into trouble without a way to defend themselves without their love interests/friends to be there. :confused:


That’s one of my biggest issues with second person POV, “Your name is Burgundy and you’re the shyest least capable person in a story meant to simulate a fantasy situation”, like, who’s fantasy is it to be incapable of taking care of themselves?


In the h&v contest, I feel that will change that. :hugs:


Amen to that :pray:


So trueeee. Sometimes (or maybe usually) I feel like “girl power” is being left in most stories. As a reader, I rly want me in the story be strong and confident. But sadly, I’m not the author to decide her destiny. Like you want your MC to stand up and stay strong, instead of crying like a baby and wait for a “knight” so the miserables in her life will end magically lmao


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I’m actually writing a story that contains the main character being a strong individual, gIrL pOwEr! :smiley:


either the female is weak and has to be rescued by the strong masculine

  • gang leader
  • vampire
  • hOt older teacher
  • sugar daddy
  • boss
  • werewolf
  • vampire-werewolf
  • stepbrother wtf

oR the the female iS a “sTRoNg inDepEnDent pErSon tHat kicKs and pUnchEs people”



Can you please make a new post featuring satirical summaries written by you of the most tired and cliche Episode plots ever? Because your post just brought me joy :joy:


True lmao :sweat_smile:. Sometimes strong is mistaken for being a bitch or violent.


True. I always felt that always the girl is portrayed as delicate and weak which inspired me to write a story where the girl is strong, independent and she can fight for herself. She can stand up for herself and that not every girl needs a knight in shining armor, some carry their own swords.


Exactly :hugs:


I wish that there could be stories where the female protagonist have strong, problem solving and independent qualities. Secondly, she does NOT have a love interest to become a better woman. Family and friends and also foe could guide her to make her a better person, than having the boy of her dreams to rescue her.


I’m currently writing one of those. :joy: It’s not out yet, but it will be soon.


Here’s what’s in almost every single cliche I’ve read…

  1. A shy, but sassy MC. Especially around the bad boy.
  2. The MC falling incredibly in love with the bad boy.
  3. The MC being ever so helpless around the mean girls.
  4. The MC nearly gets kidnapped or hurt, or KILlED, and MC just does the idle_terrified animation while the love interest plays super-hero.
  5. The MC gets in a coma, or is a sleep in some hospital bed while the love interest is doing the rear animation talking about how sorry he is, and how much he loved her.
  6. A creep pulls a move on the MC

Very rarely do the woman go a day without their friends or their boyfriend(s).


This scenario somewhat reminds me of save me from my boring life my knight in shining armor.


Yass preach girl!!! Girls can also be savages and can kick some ass