Why does the writher corner does not give the same as the story in the app


I have a moment that a boy and an older man are fighting. When the old man starts talking before the fight he has to have no bruises, after the fight he needs to have so at the end of the fight i added.

@JAY is punch_jab AND ERIK is dodge_rear AND ERIK faces right

@ERIK is punch_jab AND JAY is punch_receive AND ERIK faces left

@JAY is run_fall
@JAY changes face into Cade

@JAY spot 1.064 16 208
@JAY changes face into Cade Bruised

Camera - Close Up {

@zoom on JAY to 300% in 1.5

But iff you look the story in the app he has bruises all off the time from the beginning???

second prolem:

In the writers corner my speech bubbles were not good i needed to change them from direction the arrow pointed to the opposite person so i changed them from direction.
When i look at my app all the speech bubbles are really thight with there faces that is not really lovely to reed

I have tried everything i am hopeloss.

Can someone help me please


For the first problem, it happens all the time and what I do is exit the story and re-enter. For the second one you need to put :

@speechbubble reset

Or something like that. :smile:

edit : it is @speechbubble reset


What do you mean by exit the story en re-enter, I did that a 100 times already, I even republish and I have done story reset. And with the speech bubbles do I have to do that every time I changed it? That is impossible to do. I write online not with an app. I even don’t know ho to write with the app or change something.


Everytime you need the speechbubble to be normal again you put @speechbubble reset before the text that you want to not be changed.


You should submit a ticket and let the support team know about how the “reset story progress” isn’t working.

As for speechbubbles, you must always reset them after you change their position, otherwise they will stay in that position forever.


but the speech bubbles i changed them because they weren’t good so why reset them and i have another problem look what my writhing portal does?
My writer portal gives errors just above the screen to preview strange chiffres and letters and errors.


If you change the position of a speechbubble, it will stay in that place forever until you change the position again or reset it. If you don’t want to reset it, then place the speechbubble somewhere else.


But in the writer portal, it is good like I set it, it is in the app it shows completely different.
If I zoom I reset the zoom that is normal but I change the speech bubble because it is not placed well in the first place, the arrow shows the person who is not talking, I can’t leave it like that. That is why i changed it in the first place.


And look what I get in the writer portal this is not normal too, never had that…


It does the same for me, I just reload the page and it goes away.


yes but i comes back, i did a cleaning off my pc to delete coockies and stuff and it still is coming.


It just does not stop, i can’t write like this!!!


It also might depend on what type of browser you are using


No, he gives me an error here, I already made the girl go to the toilet so she could exit right because first, they were all 3 exiting left. It gave me the same error so I thought somebody does have to go to the right and the error stays. It is really beginning to work on my nerve. What is wrong here???


I always use google chrome and it always worked fine. This is the first time in months.


Can’t really say for sure, I suggest you send a support ticket


already did but you cant post pictures with it.