Why does this not work

Hey guys i have a customized background i have made and it is in review but i can still use it but it says that the background doesn’t exist and i have reloaded the page (both pages)
multiple time and it still doesn’t work.

You may have an error somewhere else. Can you post your script or send a screenshot?

Yeah 2sec…

You can also try inserting it into your script by using the backgrounds tab on the right side of the portal.

That doesn’t work

@YOU walks to screen center in zone 1

@pause for a beat

@speechbubble is 123 429 to 100% with tail_bottom_right

    YOU (think_rubchin)
(Should I wear this or try something else?)

“Wear this outfit.”{

    YOU (flirt_wink_atcamera)
This is perfect!

“Try something else.”{

goto dressing_game


@pause for a beat

sound phone_ring

@pause for a beat

@YOU starts react_startled_surprised

@pause for a beat

@speechbubble is 108 289 to 100% with tail_top_right

    YOU (talk_phone_happy_loop)
Hey CJ what's up?


@CJ enters from right to screen right in

@CJ changes into CJ_CLOTHES1

I couldn’t take a screenshot so i copy it

You forgot to add a time/ or delete in

Ooh yeah that still is not the problem but thanks

Have you tried reloading the page again?

You can post a bit more script :slight_smile:

Wait it did work

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