Why doesn't episode immediately release new clothings?

There’s probably hundreds of clothing made for episode originals, why don’t they make it live to authors too? We have to manually request it in the wishlist and wait weeks or even months until it’s live although it already exists, and all they have to do is make a thumbnail for the outfit maker but it’s not that difficult… :thinking:


It’s because if the outfit was available for community stories immediately, readers would stop paying episode original stories so many gems for that outfit (:


That’s so greedy if true :thinking: Some outfits are worn by side characters though.

EDIT: Nvm, definitely not a greedy move. :grimacing:

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It is quite greedy but it’s not looking likely to change anytime soon, unfortunately (:

Episode needs to make money :woman_shrugging:t3: They know they can charge lots of gems for the feature while it’s still in testing, so that’s what they do.

I wouldn’t say it’s greedy, just a way of making profits.

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  1. It’s not greedy they need to make money. They let us read on their app for free.
  2. They need to test for bugs. I really doubt you want buggy clothing just because you want it now.
  3. Them releasing every Thursday actually gets me excited. I have nothing else to be excited about in lockdown and it is one of the reasons I still remember what day it is.

Episode needs to make money to keep their employees paid and the app running

If they released all of the clothing, we’d have to wait quite awhile for them to design and create more, they’d also need to test them. The ‘wow’ factor with getting new clothes would also soon fade and because we would’ve gotten everything… what then after the excitement wears off? We’d want more. :woman_shrugging:t3:
So, we would never actually be satisfied anyway and them giving us clothes updates on a weekly basis is already quite generous considering a week goes by in next to no time when you think about it and it still allows for us to have that excitement towards the next release. :flushed::heart:

I hope that didn’t come off as mean, I’m not trying to be at all. :skull:


There is a schedule for when things are supposed to be released as it takes a lot of time to make these assets. They work on these for weeks if not months. It has be tested with animations etc to make sure it works well.

Any clothing/hairstyle that is premium choice (paide gems for in featured story) will never be released anyway. Some things need to remain exclusive to their content because there are some people who like to read featured stories exclusively for outfits

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they have to test for bugs