Why doesn't Episode want my money?

So every time I get the offer to buy unlimited passes on all stories, Episode lets me buy them for awhile and then decides that I can’t any more. I’ve been getting VIP for months now and it’s been the one with unlimited passes for all stories. When it automatically renewed this month, it changed to the one that has unlimited passes for Episode original stories only. I don’t read those. I’ve tried, but I can’t get into them. When I contacted tech support, they told me that they have different offers for different people at different times and there was nothing they could do. When I asked why it changed without notice, they thanked me for my feedback and promised to pass it on. I have written them back pointing out that I did not provide feedback, but asked a question. I have yet to hear back from them.
My question is, I’ve been a loyal customer for years and I’m willing to pay, why won’t they let me buy unlimited passes for the stories I’ll actually read?


They’re looking at different avenues to earn money, such as the VIP subscriptions (on-going) and the Skip-the-Wait, treasure chest etc. They still want your money, but I guess the Unlimited Passes wasn’t enough for them and gems are more important now than passes are.

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That’s the thing, when I have unlimited passes I actually buy gems. What’s the point in having gems if I’m not going to be able to binge my favorite community stories? I usually use them to support small authors.