Why doesn't my overlay show up?

okay… So I will save a overlay to my computer and I will go to episode interactive to upload my overlay but every time I go to upload it I don’t see it in m y computer.

Please, & thank you!

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Can I see a picture of the script?

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Its not in my script, I mean like when I upload my overlay so it can get approved But when I saved a overlay and tried to upload it, it doesn’t show up in my computer

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Is your image a png? The picture file will not show up in your file explorer if the image is not a png file.

when you upload it do you see it ?
Do you get any error? Episode will give you error if the overlay is too big for example.

Do you have something written in the ser window when you save it? Is so it will not save it you need to have the search window empty.

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