Why don't big authors do anything to promote diversity?

They have the fanbase that will keep their stories trending and that will keep their stories popular and relevant so why don’t they care? Even if they add CC, wouldn’t it be nice to have canon poc characters for people to relate to? Especially if those authors are people of color as well but only have mostly white characters? It’s not hard to do this. I’m just curious


The short answer is that they don’t have to care. They’re not obligated to.

The long answer is that some do. It depends on the author and at what point. It’s kinda difficult to put all “big authors” in one basket.


There are actually quite a few big authors who are trying to promote diversity and have a lot of diversity in thier stories
I think we also need to stop depending so much on big authors to do stuff that we can all do if we all come together. I mean yeah I understand they have more of an influence due to the number of followers and the amount of people who know who they are, however we can have just as much influence if we talk with each other and support each other


i am just gonna leave my white opinion here.

you should not read a story because of diversity. a good story is able to sell if it has a completely white cast or the cast is more mix than a bag of m&ms. if you think the reason people should read a story is because it is diverse it usually means your story suck(sorry not sorry)

Sure make a diverse cast it is a better story with a lot of different people. I live in a white country we have less than 5000 (not of colour .just not from here). so here one person who is not white is a diverse movie. does this mean we dont make good movies? no, we actually have some pretty famous ones(and some really good other countries won’t ever see )

am i against diversity in movies. no but honestly i dont care.

also, it depends on what the story is about. for example, i am writing a book which takes place in 1400 Europa. so I can’t throw Asian and African people in just to be diverse.

some people complain the harry potter movie is not diversity. it is a movie taken place in England. a white country.

had it taken place Afrika the cast people woukd have been black(unless hollywod did whitewash it. I hate when they do that.)


First of all, London is not a country it’s a city and London is extremely diverse. It’s one of the most diverse cities (speaking from someone who lives there)


i know, sorry i did write that. i meant to write england.

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England isnt just a white country just wanted to point that out


yeah I think that’s given lol. I’m saying that maybe they should care a little more…


in opinion.
MOST people don’t know how to cover a story with good diversity. and when they do add it. they add the stereotype version of “diversity”. frankly if you don’t know nothing about it. don’t add it.


well I guess you’re lucky that you don’t have to care about being represented since you already see it everywhere, but to others diversity is a strength. Also I never did say that a story can’t be good because it’s all white lol. All i’m saying is that maybe poc would like to see more characters like them.


it’s not hard honestly? Just make your white mc a poc so maybe young readers can see characters that look like them also be main characters? It’s not like people of color are vastly different from white people. I understand that you don’t want to see stereotypes but it would be nice to see more of an effort and not use that as an excuse. Also I know plenty authors who are poc but only have white main characters in their stories. Again, not saying they’re obligated but this is my opinion.


I agree that throwing characters in solely for diversity isn’t a great thing to do and can seem exploitative. Diversity should feel natural, and happen because it’s realistic and because representation is important to some people, not so an author can call a story diverse and get more reads. However, there are other forms of diversity you can explore that would be realistic but are often ignored. Mental health, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, etc. are forms of diversity that have existed for centuries all over the world, even if we haven’t always understood and had the same language to describe it.

It’s also really interesting to look into medieval history that hasn’t been whitewashed; travel wasn’t as common as it is now, but it did happen, and there are records of people of color living in medieval Europe. Most Europeans were white at that time, but not all, so a few non-white characters would be more realistic than most people think.


@Sydney_H please close this thread!

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preach sis

Uhhh no we don’t read a story because it is diverse, but we want diversity so that all people reading it feel included. By making stories only about white people it unintentionally and unknowingly kinda makes poc people feel like maybe only that one blonde girl has a chance with that hot white guy, and they’d never date or be friends with a poc. It gets a little irritating when story plots are always about some white chick falling in love with some other white dude. It is tiring to read, and feels like people just completely ignore the existence of poc or ignore the possibility that a white person can fall in love with a poc. And plus, I don’t see how wanting a diverse story means your own story sucks. That’s just poor, groundless, reasoning since there is no correlation between the two (sorry not sorry). :roll_eyes:


…why? What’s wrong with people having an honest talk about something that has been ignored for far too long. Home girl’s got a point in creating this thread, so let her voice be known.

Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: