Why don't Ihave this bracelet there is much Idon't have in my writhing portal

Can someone say me the name of this bracelet please:

I dont find it nowere the same with this it is not standard in my writher portal i always see it by accedent in other stories:
the bracelet and even if I type in the name sometimes it appears and sometimes not.

the black and white shoes; they don’t appear.

the black and white shoes; they don’t appear.

And the writer portal i cant update why doesn’t i have does things? @Apes do you know why?

thanks xxx

it’s called Red Rebel Chain Bracelet

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But why is it not visible in my writer portal same with the other bracelet and those shoes? xxx

You don’t have them in your writer portal?

If I type in the name I find it sometimes The silver Bangle I just find sometimes but they are not standard in my accessories. The shoes not with my shoes either. I think there is a lot I don’t Have. I just see them by accident in other stories. x

Have you tried refreshing…?

Do that all the time, even when i have just opend it it does not show x

I think they said there will be outfit glitches, it’s because of the amount of space. They tend to not appear in the categories. The shirts are starting to appear for me. Maybe they are fixing it. It was very messy.

I hope so but this is not nice x

i don’t know any new item exept a black bustier lol x