Why episode is taking out more limelight stories

I just wanna will the ink stories end… I like ink more than limelight… I dunno why their animation are a bit over(for limelight) … So can anyone fill me in!?

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What do you mean?

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Like I can only see limelight versions of story… Is episode removing the ink version… and adding more of limelight?

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They are not removing Ink, the style is staying there forever, and for limelight, we are going to get some more clothing, etc, for Limelight.

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Ohh okay.
Episode have stopped updating ink however, they are not removing ink. It’s just that all their featured stories will now be in limelight and more communtiy authors are beginning to use limelight. You can still write in ink and there are still a few authors who are writing in ink


Exactly. Write in any style you want, Ink just won’t be getting more new clothes, etc. Only Limelight will have more stuff being added. @SID_186

Ooooooooo :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Ooohk … That’s alright… thank you… :hugs::hugs:

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