Why Gem Choices For Public Are Good

So everyone keeps complaining about letting public use gem choices, and honestly, it’s fuckin g annoying as crap. Like if you all want to get rid of them, then chances are Episode will cost probably 3.99 for the app plus 0.99 for every good story by Episode, Joesph Evans, ect. I think YOU all should stop being selfish about it. It’s honestly annoying. Just take a chill pill. Everything I have read so far hasn’t had THAT many gem choices so Idk what everyone is ranting about. Deal with it. Life is unfair for everyone which you know what makes it? FAIR. Yup this is FAIR. Now chill and delete the app if you don’t like it, or go watch, like a youtube video of people buying the gem choices.


I can see that it’s annoying, especially since they’re not in many user stories, but the only reason for that is because only really popular authors get benefits from gem choices. Gems don’t go to the author themselves who wrote the story with the gem choices, at least not from what I am aware of and my sources. Gem choices just reduce the number of reads you need to get to 100,000 to get into the payments program, which only really popular authors can get in. Gem choices only benefit authors with, what? Thousands, millions of reads. I think that’s why everyone says it’s unfair.

Again, that’s just what I know from my friends. It could totally be wrong. I see where you’re coming from. The complaining can be annoying :roll_eyes:


I agree I use them in my story but they are actually worth it!

But don’t you want to support the Company who made these stories even possible?

Yay! Someone agrees.

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of course someone would!:grin:

Glad you agree! :smiley:

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Episode gets a ton of money from the ad revenue. Plus, they’re user stories, not official stories from the company. Does using gems in user stories with barely any reads help Episode?


I think people don’t want them because they are scared the authors will go waayy extreme like Episode and make like 2 or 3 gem choices that cost 30 to 35 in each chapter. They could also be scared the authors will add gems to the most important scenes.
Also some people just don’t have the money to buy gems and since Epsiode featured stories stoped giving gems at the end of the chapters it’s really difficult to have some without buying


You cant choose the cost and only 2 gem choices are allowed every episode

I don’t know how to code :joy:

I think it’s valid to complain about any user being allowed to code in gem choices.

The fact is that Episode was doing just fine when only featured stories included gem choices, so I personally feel it was unnecessary to open gem choices up to everyone and I feel like if they were to take it away again, it would not suddenly make the app cost money to download.

We are lucky that even though gem choices are now available to all authors, that most still don’t include them and that we can report a poor gem choice if we do come across one… And it’s not like we have to ever pick the gem choice either, so yeah I can understand the complaints getting annoying when there’s simple solutions.

But a lot of people read user stories to avoid gem choices, and this whole change was one that never really needed to happen in the first place, nor one that anyone had asked for, so yeah… Complaining about it to me seems valid (albeit annoying sometimes).


That’s what I do. I usually avoid Episode stories because of the gems.


Ok, asking people not to complain is fine, but asking asking us to be thankful is a pretty big stretch…

I just think it was an unnecessary change, seeing as the company was doing just fine before they gave this option to everyone.


I think you’re just misreading my tone maybe :woman_shrugging:

probs I interprut things wrong and put words into peoples mouth. Sorry this just really triggers me rip

Yep. Life is definitely not fair. Although, Episode wouldn’t exist without users and a fanbase… Which is all of us if I’m not wrong. I am definitely thankful that’s it’s a choice for users to make to put gem choices in their stories and not something we have to do to publish. Some people also need to deal with complainants from other people.

I keep Episode installed because I love the user stories, not their own. And since, like you even said, gem choices are in THAT many user stories, there is no need to delete the app. Why delete an app full of amazing stories because of one addition made by the company that not everybody uses.

People complain about it because the fact of adding gem choices to user stories just seems like a bit of a force to buy more gems. Yes, it’s a way to support the company. Yes, people will still keep the app. Yes, people will still complain about it. Life is unfair after all.


Technically if life is unfair to everyone that would make it fair idk thoughm :woman_shrugging:

Episode is not managing “billions” of people either. 50 million people have downloaded their app. Not billions.

Which can be seen here.


Feel free to explain to me why letting users add gem choices to their stories is fair. Is it fair to the people who can’t pay? Is it fair to the people who can’t pick a choice that could be important? Is it fair to the people who waste gems on useless choices? Go ahead, I’d love to read it :blush:

What about LimeLight? People complain everywhere about how much they hate it or how much INK is better, yet… nobody has made a topic or talked about how LimeLight is better, or if they have let me know. Another question… Why do you feel it’s so important to keep gem choices in user stories? Put aside the fairness. Just explain why they’re important to keep, ignoring the fairness of it.


Also, it IS fair, because 1 it’s a game not like your whole world is gonna fall apart over it. 2. If it’s useless then they aren’t going to waste there diamonds on it? 3 If they can’t pay 0.99 for diamonds they how do they have a phone/computer? They can always save up money. And for the “Pick a choice that could be important” one, It all has the same outcome in the story in the end?