Why Gem Choices For Public Are Good

Awh shucks, that’s too bad. You can always check the App Store and send a screenshot.

  1. It’s not like your whole world is going to fall apart either.
  2. People may not know it’s useless, plenty of dumb people in this unfair world.
  3. Yes, saving up money is important but they also could want to spend it on other things that could more important.
  4. Yeah, most stories have one ending. Although some stories have multiple stories, and they might use gem stories. Oh wait! That seems a bit unfair :thinking:
  5. Seeing as how you’re skimming through my posts… You don’t actually care about this argument. We can always end it here and agree to disagree. :blush:
  1. I never said that my world was gonna fall apart, don’t know where you got that idea from.
    2.Then they make a mistake of spending diamonds on a game, and they don’t do it again, it will probs only affect them for like 2 seconds
  2. There are also ways to get free diamonds and passes by sponsors on youtube?
  3. Never have I ever seen a story where the end is affected by diamond posts? If it was then the story wouldn’t have but very few views/be hated a lot.
  4. Don’t know how skimming means I don’t care about the argument?

You’re obviously very invested in your opinion :man_shrugging: Seeing as how you keep this up, you just want to argue made me think you felt that way. That or I’m understanding your tone wrong. I was here to discuss. I thought that was what this thread about. You made this thread to complain about the protesters and complains about an opinion you’re against, nothing is wrong with that. People think differently. If you’re just skimming through the posts it makes me feel like you don’t care about the conversation and are just wasting both of our time.


Protesting against protesters? Oh well, that’s fair anyway! Glad we could agree to disagree and not turn this into a huge fight :blush:

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That’s completely fine!

I don’t really get why your defending Episode about gem choices…? Gem choices weren’t always available to the public and the app didn’t cost “3.99” before. And besides, I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t really benefit Episode in any way if people are using gem choices, it actually just inconveniences broke af readers like me who just want to read a decently good user story. Without gem choices. Like, I’d like to read a Joseph Evans level story and get to wear that beautiful dress. I know that it doesn’t make a huge difference to the plot, but to me at least, gem choices are seriously annoying. But then again, Episode needs some kind of way to make revenue in a free app so I don’t entirely blame them…but I just don’t understand why they made it public to everyone. Personally, I can see so many ways to abuse that.

That’s just my two cents.

That’s not the correct way to be using ‘triggered’.


ok cool

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It’s actually not 2 gems per choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is, luckily! I tried it! :smiley:

Only if the story has less that 10k reads. Although 5 gems isn’t bad either (IMO). 10 is… okay depending on the choice. For the initial gem test (for user stories), the amount was 15. I was part of the test and I felt like that was a little high, even though it’s lower than in most featured stories.

To the actual topic- I have no issue with user gem choices personally, but it definitely depends on how they’re used.

yeah I think 2 diamonds would probs be worth it especially with the first thing free

I’m in the group of people who are not against gem choices per se, but there needs to be some regulation and improvement in the way gem choices are carried out. My feeling is that gem choices are too expensive and if you want more people to be more willing to use them, make them more affordable. Secondly, if Episode does regulate the choices people make better (and in their own featured stories too), and not make people feel they are wasting their gems/money, than people would be more likely to be open to gem choices.

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I don’t get why it would be a problem to complain. As long as you are just stating your opinion and not asking Episode to take them down totally, that doesn’t seem wrong. Like I would like to make complaints to make improvements, not necessarily to get rid of them.


Oh, I agree with you there… Hehehe, that was more me just being a sarcastic brat… :smirk:

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This company wouldn’t be possible without its community readers and writers. Why would they want to alienate anyone who can’t afford gem choices? Also, it’s stupid to tell people they can’t complain about things. That kinda apathy is the same kind that allows companies to exploit innocent people


It costs more than $3.99 to buy 50 gems… so… it doesn’t even matter if the app was charging that one off price :joy:


The app was doing perfectly fine without any gem choices at all. I’m not against them, but like many people have said, I’d like to see them being used better. Episode doesn’t make users’ stories possible, users do, so yes, users can and will reasonably complain about the platform they’re offering plenty of content to, for free. So I doubt we’re being very selfish here. It’s only fair.

Speaking of fair, “life being unfair to everyone” isn’t fair. That’s just not how fairness works :joy: Life is unfair in different degrees, some people have it better than others in terms of “life being unfair”. It’s a lot more complex than a simple “if it’s unfair to all, then it’s fair”. But that’s not what this thread is about, anyway.

If I may quote your own post: “just take a chill pill”, “deal with it”, and don’t come to the forums if you can’t handle seeing people complaining. Good day.


They cost 2 diamonds for reader with less than 10k views dont see the big deal