Why has Juvie's name changed?

I swear there’s a story that used to be called ‘Juvie’ and is now called ‘Dangerous Love’. Am I imagining stuff or has it always been called Forbidden Love.

I’m not sure because I don’t recognize the title, but I have noticed some stories end up being re-done/re-written entirely, and sometimes they get re-hashed titles as well.


I assume it was for more reads, pretending if I was someone who wanted read a drama-love story, I would more likely click on Forbidden Love rather than Juvie. (Tho Juvie sounds much better.)


Juvie relates more to the story, but I agree


On my app, the story appears as Dangerous Love on my app instead of Forbidden Love, but I’m assuming that’s a typo lol. I don’t know why they changed it from Juvie to Dangerous Love, though. Personally, I think Juvie was the best name for the story. In my opinion, it was simple, straightforward, easy to remember and fit more with the story’s plot and elements.


Oops, that’s what I meant lmao

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Yeah I noticed the change too and thought it was dumb but Episode’s gotta appeal to that romance element to get more reads I guess

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Yeah, I read it back when it was called Juvie and I also suddenly noticed the change of name. I personally think Juvie fits better to the story - but it might be because I’m kind of sick of all the love-related names hahaha

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I KNEW IT WASNT JUST ME!!! Yes it was called juvie!

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I much prefer Juvie to Dangerous Love

It’s still “Juvie” on the Forums’ background lol :joy:



Yeah I noticed haha that’s why I made this thread